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I Believe in Santa's Cause

Posted Thursday, December 24, 2009, at 2:48 AM

My Favorite Christmas- 1983
It's after midnight in Colorado and officially Christmas Eve. Over the past several days I've been running around like a wild woman--shopping, baking, decorating, and addressing Christmas cards. I am finally sitting down now after having just finished making the soup for Christmas Eve dinner. I know my schedule is really no different than any other's; however, with all of the hustle and bustle, I decided to take a minute and hit the pause button on the DVD player of my life. Whew... that's better!

Since it is officially Christmas Eve, I'd like to take a second to wish my mom a Very Happy Birthday! Though I'm sure she wouldn't appreciate me sharing her age, I'd just like to say that this is indeed a milestone birthday. If you know her and see her around McCook today please tap her on the shoulder and say, "Happy Birthday, Cathy!" To all of you celebrating birthdays during the holidays, I'm sure you know how it feels to be somewhat overlooked during this busy time of year. To you, I also say "Happy Birthday!" How lucky you are to celebrate your birthday with a King. . . Jesus Christ, the reason for the season!

My hubby and I won't be coming home to McCook for Christmas this year. Instead, we will spend a quiet day together--filling ourselves full with too much food and missing our loved ones. Sure, we'll get to see some of our family for New Years' (and we're very much looking forward to that), but I can't help but reflect on Christmas' past.

If you were to ask me what my favorite Christmas memory is, I would tell you it was the Christmas of 1983. I was 7 and in Mrs. Hyde's second grade class at East Ward Elementary in McCook. I remember the day we were asked to write letters to Santa Clause. Just like Ralphie in the movie, "The Christmas Story," I was eager to put pen to paper and pour out my heart's desire on paper.

It was no secret that I wanted the hottest toy on the market that year--a Cabbage Patch Kid. I'd seen them at the local Ben Franklin and just had to have one of my own. I began to write my letter and then I heard it--the voice of pessimism speaking loudly in my ear. No, it wasn't a voice that came from within. It was the voice of the girl who sat right next to me. Her words were, "you're never going to get that for Christmas because there aren't any left." Tears welled up within me and my heart sank. I begin to believe her--that I was completely silly for believing in Santa and for wanting such a popular toy.

Instead of writing down what I really wanted, I wrote "Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I'd like a Baby Skates doll." Even I couldn't believe my own eyes when I glanced back at what I had written. A Baby Skates doll! Why would I even want one of those? Personally, I thought they were kind of ugly and stupid. They weren't the kind of doll that you could pick up and love. I had always been a "mommy" to my doll babies, and the Baby Skates doll just didn't fit into that category. Nevertheless, that is what I wrote. I went home and told parents that I had changed my mind and wanted a Baby Skates doll since there was no way for Santa to get me a Cabbage Patch Kid. Secretly, I was really bummed.

It was soon Christmas Day and my sister and I were up and ready to see what Santa had left for us. Let me just point out that Christmas morning was always so magical for my sister and I. Dad would come in and wake us up (as if we were asleep) and then have us wait outside the living room door. He'd cue the music ("I Believe in Santa's Cause" by the Statler Brothers), have us close our eyes, and then open the door to the living room. That year, when I opened my eyes, I saw the most wonderful thing ever. There she was--Clementina Aurora--the most beautiful Cabbage Patch Kid I'd ever seen. She was sitting in the drawer of my brand new desk. Her arms were wide open as if she were waiting for me, her mommy, to pick her up and give her love. And, that's exactly what I did!

That Christmas I had lost hope in the spirit of the season, but it was soon restored. That Christmas I questioned Santa's existence and the miracles of Christmas. But, all of those questions were answered. I know that Christmas isn't all about trees, and candy canes or a jolly old man in a red suit. For me, it's a time when we celebrate the birth of Christ. It's spending time with loved ones and watching another's face (whether it be small child or adult) light up from the spirit of the season. The words of that special Statler Brothers song, "I Believe in Santa's Cause", (the one my dad played for us--and still does--every Christmas) sum up my feelings:

Never heard a snowman talking
Never seen a reindeer fly
Nor seen a wooden soldier walkin
Nor met Santa eye to eye

Now there are those who don't believe
In miracles or Santa Claus
But I believe what I believe
And I believe in Santa's Cause

Never heard an Angel singing
Nerver known a Scrooge to smile.
But I have heard sleigh bells ring
And light a spark in some small child

For kids and trees light up at Christmas
As well as preachers and our lawns
And light a Santa way at Christmas
I believe in Santa's Cause

There's a Santa world at Christmas
Turning to the world's applause
So hang a bell for ole Saint Nick
Cause I believe in Santa's Cause

Now there are those who don't believe
In miracles or Santa Claus
But I believe what I believe
And I believe in Santa's Cause

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!!

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