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The Nebraska High School All-State Basketball Project - Saluting 1990

Posted Tuesday, December 20, 2016, at 11:35 PM

Priceless photo of two Nebraska Basketball coaching legends. Hampton's Jerry Eickhoff (left) and Sacred Heart's Doug Goltz visiting before a District Final in 2008. *(photo courtesy of Journal-Star)
The Nebraska High School All-State Basketball Project - Saluting 1990

by Bobby Mills (1000 Yard Guy)

*Here are the class by class State Tournaments at a glance in 1990:

*Class D-2:


(20-2) Hampton 80, Davenport 39

Hildreth 75, Loup County 59

(20-2) Falls City Sacred Heart 92, Palisade 40

Butte 72, Cody-Kilgore 57


(21-2) Hampton 68, Hildreth 47

(21-2) Falls City Sacred Heart 88, Butte 61


(22-2) Falls City Sacred Heart 88, Hampton 65

D-2 Champion: Falls City Sacred Heart (23-2). Head Coach: Doug Goltz (26 years old.) Hampton was coached by Jerry Eickhoff. How about that coaching matchup?

Goltz took over a 3-13 program 4 years prior to 1990 and promptly won 3 straight D-2 championships while compiling a record of 89-8 record. Goltz took over the football head coaching gig three years ago and also won 3 straight state championships there, while posting a 27-7 record.

Falls City SH broke the 3 game all-class state tournament scoring record by scoring 265 points in the 1990 carnival. That eclipsed Omaha Tech's mark of 249, set in 1963. Tech of course, was led by the late Fred Hare in 1963.

*Class D-1:


Meridian 64, Lindsay Holy Family 62

(22-0) Humphrey St. Francis 71, Pleasanton 62

Wynot 70, Potter-Dix 62

(20-1) Sandhills 78, Elwood 68


(23-0) Humphrey St. Francis 62, Meridian 48

(21-1) Sandhills 70, Wynot 48


(24-0) Humphrey St. Francis 86, Sandhills 53

D-1 Champion: Humphrey St, Francis (25-0). Head Coach: Paul Brungardt

*The D-1 All-Tournament team; Kevin Sander-Humphrey St. Francis-Sr., Ken Sander-Humphrey St. Francis-Sr., Dan Endorf-Meridian-Sr., Ryan Smith-Sandhills-Sr., Jace Backman-Wynot-Sr.

Ken Sander led the D-2 scoring parade with 95 points, including a 37 point explosion vs.Pleasanton in the 1st Round.

*Class C-2:


Kenesaw 71, Hastings St. Cecilia 64 (OT)

(19-1) Grant 68, Anselmo-Merna 35

(22-1) Scribner-Snyder 65, Walthill 59

Shelby 91, Lincoln Christian 70


(20-1) Grant 70, Kenesaw 49

(23-1) Scribner-Snyder 89, Shelby 68


(22-1) Grant 66, Scribner-Snyder 54

C-2 Champion: Grant (23-1) Head Coach: Larry Pritchett

11 of 12 players on this Plainsmen state championship hoops team also played on Grant's 1989 state champion football squad. The Plainsmen had also won a gridiron title the year before in 1988.

*The C-2 All-Tournament; Todd Styskal-Grant-Sr., Troy Terwilliger-Grant-Jr., Ryan Terwilliger-Grant-Sophomore, Paul Poppe-Scribner-Snyder-Sr., Colby Collins-Scribner-Snyder-Sr.

Troy Terwilliger took the C-2 tournament scoring honors with his three game total of 65 points.

Class C-1:


Wakefield 58, Wood River 45

(22-0) Bridgeport 57, Fullerton 55

Sutton 100, Norfolk Catholic 81

(19-3) Wisner-Pilger 57, Yutan 45


(23-0) Bridgeport 52, Wakefield 41

(23-1) Wisner-Pilger 61, Sutton 53


(24-0) Bridgeport 55, Wisner-Pilger 51

C-1 Champion: Bridgeport (25-0). Head Coach: Gary Oltmann

*The C-1 All-Tournament team; Tim Stevens-Bridgeport-Sr., Robb Zapp-Bridgeport-Sr., John Spearman-Sutton-Sr., Chad Holtz-Wisner-Pilger-Sr., Mike Kloth-Wisner-Pilger-Sr.

Stevens took C-1 tournament scoring honors with his 73 points, including 30 against Fullerton in the tournament opener and a 27 point outburst in the title game vs. Wisner-Pilger.

Class B: 1st Round pairings were:


(23-0) Wahoo 76, Schuyler 61

Lincoln Pius X 56, Lexington 55 (OT)

(21-3) Grand Island Northwest 67, Elkhorn Mt. Michael 62

York 76, Ogallala 56


(24-0) Wahoo 72, Lincoln Pius X 59

(22-3) Grand Island Northwest 72, York 42


(25-0) Wahoo 66, Grand Island Northwest 53

Class B Champion: Wahoo (26-0). Head Coach: Mick Anderson (Dave Marron coached GINW)

This was the third consecutive Class B title for Wahoo.

Class A: (Only class to use Wild card teams)

(WC) Lincoln East 91, (WC) Bellevue West 60

(19-2) Omaha South 66, Kearney 42

Columbus 73, Omaha Westside 67

(18-3) Lincoln Northeast 62, Millard South 47


(20-2) Omaha South 75, Lincoln East 57

(19-3) Lincoln Northeast 62, Columbus 54


(21-2) Omaha South 65, Lincoln Northeast 53

Class A Champion: Omaha South (22-2). Head Coach: Neuberger

*The Class A All-Tournament Team: Terrance Badgett-Omaha South-Jr., Ryan Elrod-Lincoln NE-Sr., Mike Mueller-Columbus-Sr., Jamal Rankin-Omaha South-Sr., Jason Pflughaupt-Lincoln NE-Sr.

The Class A tournament's leading scorer was South's Badgett, with 77 points. Mueller was next with 55 points, scored in just 2 games, including 33 against Westside in the curtain raiser.

The All-Class, All-Tournament team consisted of; Ryan Elrod-Lincoln Northeast-Senior, Terrance Badgett-Omaha South-Junior, Jason Glock-Wahoo-Senior, Jim Stevens-Bridgeport-Senior and Steve Simon-Falls City Sacred Heart. Four of the five all-class, all-tournament selections led their teams to State Championships. Only Elrod of Northeast did not.

* * * * * * * * * *

*1990 Class D-2 All-State Team*

Sam Hoagland-Bruning* - 5-11, Senior (23.8 ppg/9.9 rpg)

Jay Peppel-Butte* - 5-11, Senior (24.2 ppg/9.5 rpg)

Steve Simon-Falls City Sacred Heart* - 6-2, Junior (20.9 ppg/8.8 rpg)

Buck Sells-Falls City Sacred Heart - 6-0, Senior (16.8 ppg/4.5 rpg)

Pat Lech-Loup County - 6-0, Senior (26.1 ppg/14.2 rpg)

2nd Team:

Mark Dick-Hampton - 6-0, Junior (16.0 ppg/2.0 rpg)

Craig Firley-Chester-Hubbell-Byron - 6-5, Senior (19.0 ppg/12.6 rpg)

Kurt Haussler-Holbrook* - 5-10, Senior (23.1 ppg/6.1 rpg)

Craig Newcomb-Bartley* - 6-6, Senior (22.0 ppg/11.5 rpg)

Shawn Norby-Trumbull - 5-10, Junior (18.8 ppg/5.2 rpg)

*Craig Newcomb is currently the head basketball coach at Bertrand.

*Class D-2 Honorable Mention All-State:

*Seniors: Jerry Bahe and Jerry Sliva-Shickley; Randall Barr and Travis Gellatly-Wolbach; Buffalo Bass and Wally Earth-Winnebago; Brent Bode-Petersburg; Eric Bondegard-Lodgepole; Kyle Christensen-Elba; Joe Cranmore-Marquette; Dennis Ferguson and Sean McClatchey-Palisade; Brad Jacobsen, John Quiring-Hampton; Ed Jerpalk, Bernie Menke-Lawrence; Wally Johnson, Roger Paul-Elgin; John Klein-Spalding High; Matt Lenners-Filley; Jon Morgan-Diller; Jeff Lowe, John Schmaderer -Stuart; Kent Nelson and Brad Quadhamer-Hildreth; Jason Payne-Wheeler Central; Doug Smith-Loup County;Jeremy Stukenholtz-Nebraska City Lourdes; Justin Tumblin-Cody-Kilgore; Tom Witt-Falls City Sacred Heart. Juniors: Todd Bindar-Table Rock; Robin Hinrichs-Hildreth; Trevor Hogeland-Orleans; Brian Kubik-Prague; Casey Lenners-Filley; Jeff Schwang-Falls City Sacred Heart; Scott Shelburne-Davenport; Mark Swanson-Arthur. Sophomores: Aaron Bly-Spalding High; Gary Glunz-Wheatland; Billy Kuehner-Giltner; Chad Odvody-Milligan. Freshman; Paul Havel-Milligan; Nathan Naumann-Giltner.

*1990 Class D-1 All-State Team:

Ken Sander-Humphrey St. Francis* - 6-5, Senior (23.4 ppg/16.7 rpg)

Steve Hendricks-Polk-Hordville* - 6-5, Senior (28.0 ppg/12.0 rpg)

Ryan Smith-Sandhills - 6-1, Senior (26.3 ppg/10.0 rpg)

Brian Schwarz-Arnold - 6-4, Senior (29.3 ppg/13.4 rpg)

Kevin Koenig-Ewing - 6-3, Junior (20.2 ppg/17.2 rpg)

2nd Team:

Dennis Johnson-Potter-Dix* - 5-11, Senior (23.6 ppg/7.2 rpg)

Matt Samuelson-Loomis - 6-5, Junior (27.0 ppg/16.0 rpg)

Randy Gilson-Maxwell - 6-0, Sophomore (24.4 ppg/7.8 rpg)

Dan Endorf-Meridian - 6-1, Senior (16.8 ppg/5.8 rpg)

Jeff Stewart-Wallace - 6-4, Junior (22.2 ppg/7.3 rpg)

Ken Sander was a post player for UNK after graduating from HSF and is still ranked among the career leaders in blocked shots. Sander is currently the Vice-President of Lincoln Region Midwest Respiratory and Rehab in Lincoln. His daughter Kennedy is a current member of UNK's Ladies Basketball team.

Class D-1 All-State Honorable Mention:

*Seniors: Craig Alexander and Todd Yrkoski-Silver Creek; Jerry Swander-East Butler; Bart Beattie and Bill O'Neill-Sumner-Eddyville-Miller; Dennis Beller-Lindsay Holy Family; Ryan Boldt-Callaway; Pat Bourne and Dennis Lingle-Cedar Rapids; Keith Bristol-Fairmont; Jason Coffman-Sandhills; Terry Connealy and Jay Herman-Hyannis; Aarik Jensen-Exeter; Klay Kluver-Clay Center; Kenny Knust-Elgin Pope John; Gene Kosch and Kevin Sander-Humphrey St. Francis; Ryan Lucy and Greg Wettlaufer and Todd Yeutter-Ewing; Greg Mattox-Sargent; Tim Neville-McCool Junction; Robb Owens-Elwood; Shawn Paitz-Pleasanton; Randy Prince-Winside; Greg Ricenbaw-Friend; Craig Scott-Trenton; Joe Simmons-Crawford. Juniors: Jason Arbuck-McCool Junction; Bryan Dryak-Niobrara; Jason Hoos-Amherst; Lance Lawson-Exeter; Travis McConnell-Wallace; Tyler Pieper-Fairmont; Steve Pollmann-Stratton; Chad Preuss-Lindsay Holy Family; Jon Rathe-Sterling; Dean Robinson-Cedar Rapids; Matt Schmidt-Big Springs/Brule; Randy Spellbrink-Palmer; Chad Sullivan-Greeley. Sophomores: Ryan Axmann-Pleasanton; Monte Brown-Sandhills; Matt Hadwiger-Amherst; Andrew Krab-Paxton; Scott Sanne-Clearwater, and Randy Titus-Keya Paha.

*1990 Class C-2 All-State Team*

Troy Terwilliger-Grant* - 6-2, Junior (17.2 ppg/7.7 rpg)

Todd Styskal-Grant - 6-0, Senior (17.0 ppg/3.7 rpg)

K.D.Tausan-Sutherland - 5-8, Senior (31.4 ppg/6.1 rpg)

Paul Poppe-Scribner-Snyder - 6-6, Senior (17.4 ppg/8.4 rpg)

Jeremy Anderson-Osceola - 6-2, Senior (21.0 ppg/11.0 rpg)

2nd Team:

Bob Jurgensmeier-Hastings St. Cecilia - 6-2, Senior (19.2 ppg/6.5 rpg)

Chris Gramann-Adams-Douglas - 6-0, Senior (18.6 ppg/7.0 rpg)

Troy Pritchett-Grant - 5-10, Senior (4.8 ppg/4.8 rpg)

Jamie Alt-Shelby - 6-0, Senior (18.7 ppg/5.3 rpg)

Jeremy Stutheit-Johnson-Brock - 6-4, Senior (18.0 ppg/9.0 rpg)

Class C-2 All-State Honorable Mention:

*Seniors: Eric Almquist and Jed Dimon-Axtell; Brian Brinkman-Nemaha Valley; Ben Clifton-Orchard; Colby Collins-Scribner-Snyder; Lynn Coufal-North Loup/Scotia; Craig Downey-Anselmo-Merna; Justin Dworak-Lincoln Christian; Mark English-Walthill; Casey Fangmeier-Deshler; Jason Givens and Jason Maly-Mead; Brent Johnson-Sutherland; Robb Josoff-Elmwood-Murdock; Neil Kerr and Travis Luke-Oxford; Robert Kugler and Mike Wendell-Bertrand; Jeff Kuhnel-Shelby; Chuck Lewis-Scribner-Snyder; Eric Lindsley-Osceola; Mark Lutjeharms-Alma; Jason Maly-Mead; Lon Meyer-Red Cloud; Bobby Nabb-Hastings St. Cecilia; Darren Peterson-Medicine Valley; Brandon Rhodes-Sandy Creek; John Rollman-Humphrey High; Jerry Swanda-East Butler; Mark Theiszen-Henderson; Ron Wohlers-Weeping Water. Juniors: Robert Anderson-Lincoln Anderson; Steve Aspegren-Harvard; Lonnie Drake-Dorchester; Steve Fusco-Shelby; Doug Kocian-East Butler; Casey Lund-Newcastle; Bill Morrison-Howells; Brian Ohlman-Shelton; Leland Shubert-Southeast Consolidated; Brandon Slaughter-Bancroft-Rosalie; Phil Topper-Pawnee City; Dan Ulrich-West Point Central Catholic; Jason Wagoner-Kenesaw. Sophomores: John Heckenlively-Kenesaw; Tim Scheidt-Lincoln Christian; Kyle Streich-Osmond and Ryan Terwilliger-Grant.

*1990 Class C-1 All-State Team*

Jay Spearman-Sutton** - 6-5, Senior (20.8 ppg/7.7 rpg)

John Spearman-Sutton* - 6-2, Senior (15.3 ppg/7.4 rpg)

Derek Apfel-Wood River - 6-7, Senior (21.0 ppg/14.0 rpg)

Tim Stevens-Bridgeport - 6-6, Senior (20.2 ppg/9.5 rpg)

Mike Kloth-Wisner-Pilger - 6-10, Senior (18.8 ppg/17.0 rpg)

2nd Team:

Jason Simons-Yutan* - 6-1, Senior (20.1 ppg/8.1 rpg)

Derek Nannen-Geneva - 6-3, Junior (18.6 ppg/9.5 rpg)

Andy McQuistan-Wakefield - 6-4, Senior (17.0 ppg/8.0 rpg)

Chris Schuster-Fullerton - 6-1, Senior (23.3 ppg/3.8 rpg)

Ryan Samuelson-Hartington Cedar Catholic - 6-6, Sophomore (23.3 ppg/10.7 rpg)

*Derek Apfel is the owner of Apfel Funeral Home with locations in Grand Island, Hastings, Kenesaw, Cairo, Wood River and Harvard Ne.

Class C-1 All-State Honorable Mention:

*Seniors: Chris Borland-Cambridge; Steve Borman and Ken Bushnell-Bellevue Christian; Clint Brown-Arlington; Brady Caskey-Stanton; Jon Ernst and Chad Tonniges-Centennial; Greg Fiddelke and Aaron Lade-Ravenna; Russ Hopkins-Bayard; Jeff Hughes-Norfolk Catholic; Troy Hunke-Wisner-Pilger; Chad Jacobsen and Mark Zelazny-Genoa; Mark Johnson-Wakefield; Dan Josoff-Yutan; Shane Keil-Imperial; Aaron Kimnach-Bennington; Travis Klein and Kevin Zohner-Battle Creek; Steve Kozak and Mike Sebek-Wilber-Clatonia; Paul Kruce-Wahoo Neumann; Mike Larson-Malcolm; Steve Lienau-Palmyra; Matt Maser-Sutton; Jessen Mathis-Atkinson West Holt; Eric Mauch-Franklin; Dave Metzner-Ponca; Chris Newton-Milford; Marche Noecker-Hartington Cedar Catholic; Jerry Norris-Plainview; Chad Pinkelman-Bloomfield; Jerry Schinzel-Stromsburg; John Schuette-Laurel; Pat Small-Fullerton; Mike Tawney-North Bend; Tom Ulrich-Creighton; Eric Wetjen-Madison; Zach Wiegert-Fremont Bergan.

Juniors: Scott Anderson-Emerson-Hubbard, Steve Bauer-Tecumseh, Travis Bodiac-Homer, Matt Haveman-Albion, Jerry Hinnerichs-Stanton, Chad Holtz-Wisner-Pilger, Matt Johnson-Hebron, Joe Juelfs-Bridgeport, Ryan Knees-Geneva, Shane Pitts-Wood River, Blane Rump-Fremont Bergan, Mark Specht-Wahoo Neumann, Dave Weddle-David City Aquinas,

Sophomores: Jamie Meyer-Randolph, Derek Samson-Valley and Andy Timm-Yutan

*1990 Class B All-State Team:

Jason Glock-Wahoo - 6-4, Junior (28.1 ppg/10.3 rpg)

Todd Johnson-Syracuse - 6-3, Senior (25.6 ppg/9.7 rpg)

Tom Burt-Lincoln Pius X - 6-6, Junior (21.0 ppg/11.0 rpg)

Seth Denney-McCook - 5-9, Senior (23.5 ppg/3.0 rpg)

Jason Glines-Grand Island Northwest - 6-2, Senior (14.7 ppg/7.0 rpg)

2nd Team:

Randy Hoffman-Wahoo - 6-5, Senior (16.4 ppg/10.0 rpg)

Pat Hesselgesser-Grand Island Northwest - 6-7, Senior (13.7 ppg/9.0 rpg)

Tim Bailey-Nebraska City - 6-2, Senior (19.8 ppg/3.2 rpg

Dan Dostal-Gretna - 6-5, Senior (18.8 ppg/11.3 rpg)

Chad West-O'Neill - 6-6, Senior (28.0 ppg/10.2 rpg)

*Seth Denney is, of course, is a very successful news anchor at Nebraska Television Network in Kearney (Axtell) and lives in Minden.

*Jason Glines is the head coach for the Lincoln Lutheran boys basketball team.

*Class B All-State Honorable Mention:

*Seniors: Darin Baehr-Beatrice, Nathan LeGrand, Tim Bailey-Nebraska City, Scott McGill, Brian Bath-Omaha Roncalli, Tom Fehringer, Travis Brock-Columbus Scotus, Lans Brown-Blair, Harlen Welch, Ryan Buckley-Ainsworth, Don Burkhardt, Brett Zikmund-Central City, Neil Carnes-Wayne, Todd Koehler, Chad Collison-Pierce, Jeff Cordes-Waverly, Dave Corwin-Conestoga, Jeremy Glenn, B.J. Gardner-Minden, Todd Geiken-Gothenburg, Todd Gottula-Auburn, Chad Gustin, Lee Thurber-Norris, Shawn Harkins, Joel Nelson-Ogallala, Mark Hock-Lexington, Greg Hynes, Dave DiMartino-Hastings Adams Central, Mike Kalkwarf-Crete, Joe King-Tekamah-Herman, Steve Klimek-Ord, Ryan Knispel-Fairbury, Todd Loughran-Valentine, Cory Masek-Raymond Central, Scott Peterson-Schuyler, Andy Reetz-York, Dave Riggert-Superior, Chris Vaughn, Sean Draper-Plattsmouth, Brian Wardlow-Falls City, Rory Whaley-Platteview and Clint Williams-Loup City.

*Juniors: Dan Beninato-Elkhorn Mt. Michael, Terry Burton-Holdrege, Jeff Dinkelman-Seward, Ryan Eddie-Wahoo, Brandon Kircher-York, Darin Johnson-Platteview, Bill Ryan-Lincoln Pius X, Jason Schmaderer-St. Paul, and Brandon Schmeichel-O'Neill.

*Sophomores: Brian Pike-Ashland, Jeremy Kildare-Schuyler, Bryan Masek-Raymond Central abd Clayton Ramsey-Ord.

*1990 Class A All-State Team*

Mike Mueller-Columbus* - 6-7, Senior (27.2 ppg/14.0 rpg)

Matt Yost-Lincoln East* - 6-2, Senior (24.4 ppg/8.0 rpg)

Ryan Elrod-Lincoln Northeast - 6-4, Senior (18.1 ppg/8.3 rpg)

Terrance Badgett-Omaha South - 6-1, Junior (19.0 ppg/10.0 rpg)

Curtis Marshall-Creighton Prep - 5-10, Junior (24.9 ppg/3.9 rpg)

2nd Team:

Erick Strickland-Bellevue West - 6-3, Sophomore (18.8 ppg/8.0 rpg)

J.J. Feddersen-Alliance- 6-1, Senior (26.2 ppg/5.0 rpg)

David Knight-Omaha Bryan - 5-11, Senior (22.2 ppg/5.8 rpg)

Andre Woolridge-Omaha Benson - 6-2, Sophomore (22.4 ppg/6.1 rpg)

Matt Thompson-Omaha Burke - 6-5, Senior (18.3 ppg/9.7 rpg)

*Matt Yost went on to enjoy a successful basketball career at Nebraska Wesleyan, averaging 15.6 ppg. Sutton's Jay Spearman was the leading scorer for that 19-6 team in 1993/1994. Yost is now a State Farm agent in Omaha.

*Mike Mueller was named Mr. Basketball in Nebraska in 1990 and went on the play for Portland State, then University Nebraska/Kearney where he was named was named All-Nebraska D-2 Player-of-The Year in both 1994 and 1995.

*Ryan Elrod is currently the owner of Elrod Photography, located in both Pender and Lincoln Ne. He has been in that business since 1995.

*Class "A" All-State Honorable Mention:

*Seniors: Doug Koster, Mike Asche-Kearney, Steve Carlisle, Matt Robinson, Jerry Ellerman-Fremont, Rob Chase-North Platte, Tyrone Clayton-Omaha NW, Nate Collins-Millard North, Ryan Cure-Hastings, Wendell Hill, Rodney Davis, Jamal Rankin, Alex McIntosh and Dave Tumbo-Omaha South, Brad Eberspecher-Scottsbluff, Matt Spethman, Jim Edwards-Lincoln East, Jason Pflughaupt, Matt Shaw, Brian Etherton-Lincoln NE, Shawn Smith, Mike Gaither-Lincoln High, Mitch Slusarski, Jason Hemengway-Columbus, Dave Kluthe-Omaha Westside, Greg Kunz-Bellevue West, Jason Mahnke, Jeff Mogensen-South Sioux City, Brian McDonald-Ralston, Jeff Means, Walter Outlaw-Omaha Central, Nate Parks-Papillion, Steve Reynolds-Grand Island, Frank Richards-Gering, Lonzo Rollins-Millard South,

*Juniors: Ryan Anderson-Norfolk, Rick Heiserman, Kirk Bragg-Millard South, Darin Engelbart-Lincoln NE, Peter Ferguson-Lincoln East, John Haugh-Omaha Westside, Curt Johnson-Lincoln, Justin Wilkins and Jim Sweeney-Papillion.

*Sophomores: Antoine Young-Omaha North and Joe Vogel-North Platte.

*1990 Super-State 1st Team:

Mike Mueller-Columbus* - 6-7, Senior (27.2 ppg/14.0 rpg)

Matt Yost-Lincoln East* - 6-2, Senior (24.4 ppg/8.0 rpg)

Ryan Elrod-Lincoln Northeast - 6-4, Senior (18.1 ppg/8.3 rpg)

Terrance Badgett-Omaha South - 6-1, Junior (19.0 ppg/10.0 rpg)

Jason Glock-Wahoo - 6-4, Junior (28.1 ppg/10.3 rpg)

*1990 Super-State 2nd Team:

Curtis Marshall-Creighton Prep - 5-10, Junior (24.9 ppg/3.9 rpg)

J.J. Fedderson-Alliance- 6-1, Senior (26.2 ppg/5.0 rpg)

David Knight-Omaha Bryan - 5-11, Senior (22.2 ppg/5.8 rpg)

Erick Strickland-Bellevue West - 6-3, Sophomore (18.8 ppg/8.0 rpg)

Jay Spearman-Sutton** - 6-5, Senior (20.8 ppg/7.7 rpg)

*1990 Super-State 3rd Team:

Andre Woolridge-Omaha Benson - 6-2, Sophomore (22.4 ppg/6.1 rpg)

Steve Simon-Falls City Sacred Heart* - 6-2, Junior (20.9 ppg/8.8 rpg)

Tim Stevens-Bridgeport - 6-6, Senior (20.2 ppg/9.5 rpg)

Ken Sander-Humphrey St. Francis* - 6-5, Senior (23.4 ppg/16.7 rpg)

Matt Thompson-Omaha Burke - 6-5, Senior (18.3 ppg/9.7 rpg)

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