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5000 Yard Career Rushers in Nebraska High School Football

Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 3:11 PM

Clint Belina-Howells
Here is the list of 5000 Yard Men, and I use the term "Men" with great respect in reference to this elite group of runners. It not only takes a great line in front creating the lanes, but an extremely talented and skilled running back to create things after the line of scrimmage. It also takes an incredible amount of good luck to have the opportunity to get to this pinnacle of success. To stay healthy for 4 years is almost unheard of as witnessed by the number of Backs (22) that have hit this mark in the history of Nebraska High School Football.

Corey Eikmeier-Dodge 8,330 1993-1996 (8-Man)

Steven Dent-Mullen 7,903 2001-2004 (8-Man)

Mike Brower-Fillmore Central 6,099 2000-2003 (11-Man)

Todd Uhlir-Battle Creek 5,926 1989-1992 (11-Man)

Wyatt Simpson-Arthur 5,869 2000-2003 (6-Man)

Scott Gray-Coleridge 5,632 1984-1987 (8-Man)

Tyler Paulsen-Dodge 5,617 1997-1999 (8-Man)

Brent Gatzemeyer-Bancroft-Roaslie 5,348 1984-1987 (8-Man)

Brandon Holtorf-Prague 5,316 1998-2000 (6-Man(2) 8-Man(2)

Lucas Anderson-Sutherland 5,300 1997-2000 (11-Man)

Charles Wilson-Madison 5,292 1992-1995 (11-Man)

Brian Shaw-Fairfield Sandy Creek 5,260 1991-1994 (11-Man)

Jay Theis-Friend 5,185 1994-1997 (8-Man (3) 11Man(1)

Jeff "L-Train" Luebbe-Seward 5,178 1999-2001 (11-Man)

Wade Edis-Mullen 5,169 1988-1990 (8-Man)

Cory Hall-Elwood 5,151 1984-1987 (8-Man)

Drew Wagner-Madison 5,141 2005-2008 (11-Man)

Adam Broders-Bloomfield 5,116 2003-2006 (8-Man)

Kevin Bretschneider-Pierce 5,114 1975-1978 (11-Man)

Jim Gilbert-Table Rock 5,046 1982-1985 (8-Man)

Luke Lundy-Auburn 5,023 2003-2006 (11-Man)

Darwin Snyder-Winnebago 5,007 1982-1985 (8-Man)

Within Reach this Season..............

*Clint Belina-Howells - The Nation's leading returning 8-Man rushing leader started the year only 1,040 yards away from the coveted 5000 yard mark. Sitting over the 700 mark for the season and barring injury, it should be just a matter of how high on the this list Belina ends up at season's end. The Bobcats are the favorite to capture the 8-Man I Championship in Lincoln on a late November 23rd afternoon.

*Chad Koch-Hartington Cedar Catholic - The multi-talented, polite young man from Cedar hit the 1000 yard mark for the 3rd straight season last week. Koch has rushed for 1,079 yards this year and now is sitting at 4,451 for his career (unofficial). With only 549 to go and 3 regular season games remaining, the 5000 yard pinnacle is within reach. Factor in that the Trojans are favorites to go deep in the playoffs, if not all the way to Lincoln, Koch may well be number 23 on this elite list when it's all said and done.

*Sean Campbell-Pleasanton - The fleet, powerful glider from the land of the Bulldogs started the season 1,841 yards away. Campbell is already siting at 935 with 3 games remaining, but the 'Dogs will need to travel well into the playoffs if Campbell is to reach the 5 grand career mark. After seeing this bunch play, I am predicting this outstanding young man's name will appear on this list when 2009 is in the books.

*Alex Dose-Hampton - Injuries have taken their toll on this kid, who is one of the toughest all-around RB's I have seen in 8-Man football in some time. He started '09 only 1,512 yards away, but will have to step on the gas to get to this list, playing with a broken bone in his foot at the present time. After 4 games, Dose was at 288 and his chances are pretty dim at this point to get there, but this fact does not diminish the fact that Alex Dose is a splendid high school football player who has competed against all odds and has never thrown in the towel. He has my utmost respect.

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