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Oh Boy! Let's Investigate!

Posted Saturday, February 13, 2010, at 10:32 PM

I see that Congress, fresh from its snow break, will be ready to hold hearings on Toyota. Of course, the fact that the government now owns 60.8% of General Motors has nothing to do with this sudden zeal to look into Toyota. Professor Peter Morici at the University of Maryland stated "The optics are terrible because - and this is what happens when a government owns a company - the two companies that are going to gain the most out of this are General Motors and Chrysler."

You know what? I am going to give Congress a break on this one. Let them look into Toyota, public safety is important.

However - now that Congress is in the mood to investigate, well then, let's investigate.

Let's investigate ACORN and it's voter fraud and money laundering operations. Let's find out why the Obama administration plans to enrich ACORN to the tune of four billion dollars of money we don't have.

Let's investigate Democrat voter fraud in several of our nations largest cities. Why were there more Democrats registered to vote in Detroit, than there are citizens of voting age? Let's investigate the Black Panthers and their voter intimidation practices during the last election.

Let's investigate the Obama administrations unholy alliance with General Electric, and their lapdog, MSNBC. GE received billions in FDIC funds, in which they promptly used to buy up oil and gas leases to frustrate energy production, and to keep MSNBC, which is loosing money and viewers at light speed - afloat, and act as shill and attack dog for the White House. Let's look into GE's huge windfall if the health care takeover plan succeeds. GE is poised, with the blessing of the Obama administration, to reap billions in electronic medical records contracts.

Boy! Investigating is fun huh?

Let's investigate the global warming hoax. We need to know exactly what Al Gore knew, and when he knew it. We need to know how many Obama Administration officials knew of the phony and trumped up climate data, with which billions, perhaps even trillions of dollars of taxpayer money has been wasted, or given to Democrat party donors on green energy fantasies.

Let's investigate Barney Fawank and Chris Dodd's direct impact on the Fannie and Freddie debacle which has already costs us billions. Let's investigate Franklin Reins, who raked in 90 million of income while driving the mortgage industry to the brink of destruction.

Let's investigate current government hiring practices and pay increases. While the nation suffers from the Obama recession, government workers have enjoyed fat raises in pay, and the government has been hiring at a record pace.

Let's investigate the failed Stimulus, and expose it for the Democrat Party Slush Fund that it is. We need to look into why a majority of slush funds has been given mostly Democrat strongholds. We need an immediate investigation into backroom deals, like the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase. How have Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu benefited personally from these payoffs? We need to find out if Ben Nelson was threatened by the Obama Administration with the closing of the Air Force Base in Omaha, if he did not cooperate. We need to know of the bribes and payoffs that Nancy Pelosi provided to buy votes for the health care takeover.

We need an immediate investigation into the White House enemies lists, and the daily meetings between the Administration and propagandists at ABC, CBS and NBC. Katie Couric, enjoying millions of dollars in annual income, while CBS lays off scores of workers, is curled up in the lap of the President, and shows no ambition to be a reporter. We need to look into whatever deals she may have recieved to slavishly follow Dear Leader.

We need to know the exact details of plans to attack Sarah Palin and her family, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Fox News. Taxpayer money may have been used to go after these private citizens, enjoying their rights under the Constitution the Democrats work so hard to destroy.

Let's investigate what Hillary Clinton promised the Chinese to persuade them to loan us billions of dollars. What did she agree too in the form of security?

Let's investigate the Obama administrations work with the railroad unions to further hobble the nation's trucking industry.

We need to investigate the taxpayer money wasted for Barack and Michelle to enjoy a date night on Broadway, and for the Obama' to vacation in Paris.

Let's look into what Obama actually knew about racist Harvard Professor Henry Gates. Did Obama lie to foster racial division to keep black voters in lockstep by alleging racism by the police in Cambridge, when no racism existed?

Let's investigate the fact that no college records, no grades, papers, reports, or journals are available for all this alledged education that Obama recieved. How did an unemployed man, with no apparent financial where-with-all, manage to pay for Columbia and Harvard?

We need to look at Reverend Wright. How did a man with a church in a very poor part of Chicago, manage to by a multi-million dollar home?

Let's investigate Harry Reid, and the myriad of real estate deals that have greatly benefited businesses owned by his relatives. We should also look into Obama's home and property in Chicago, that he was able to purchase with the help of gangster Tony Rezko.

I mean really, if we are going to investigate, then pal, there is lots to investigate. How about looking into the appointment of Obama's Senate Replacement, and administration officials involvement in such dealings.

And we haven't even mentioned the CZARS. Dozens of Marxists, Communists, radical leftists and even felons, have access to the President. How much power do they have? How much taxpayer money do they have access too? How much are they being paid? How were they vetted? Who hired, and then fired, Van Jones?

Let's investigate how the Obama Administration has protected their largest contributors...the Trial Lawyers, from Tort reform, and now, just oodles of lawsuits against Toyota are underway.

Ah yes, let's investigate. We need to look into George Soros, and the payoffs he received in slush funds (stimulus) for funding radical attack organizations.

We need to investigate who approved spending three million dollars of our grandkids' money for the stupid census commercial during the Super Bowl, and plans to waste another 360+ million just to tell everyone that the census is underway. We need to investigate the Obama administrations efforts to include illegals in the census.

We need to investigate the administrations efforts to include temporary census workers, 3 million of them, in employment data to make it appear we are coming out of the Obama recession/depression.

And we need to look at the Obama administrations efforts to fudge and manipulate the unemployment numbers to make them appear lower than they actually are.

Now you Democrats and leftists, progressives, liberals and generally all you America haters out there, remember Tom Foley, former Democrat Speaker of the House. Whenever someone brought ridiculous charges against Bush 41, were there was no proof of any wrong doing, it was Foley that insisted Congress investigate. Not because of any evidence mind you, but because of "the seriousness of the charges."

Oh there is lots more we can investigate, like strong-arming companies to go along with the health care takeover, or arm twisting banks into taking TARP funds, or why Obama thinks Navy Medical Officers are "corpse-men".

Oh yes, we need to look at the educational fascism that goes on in America's colleges, and the payoffs to America's abortion industry, but there is so much to investigate, this should give this Democrat Congress something to do - rather than tear down our Republic and destroy our economy.

So let's investigate!

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wow! it's like opening a can of worms, you could go on and on.

-- Posted by tiney56 on Sat, Feb 13, 2010, at 11:05 PM

Let's investigate why Obama refuses to pay down the debt after we, the taxpayers, were repaid by the banks who received TARP funds.

We also need to investigate how this moron stays in office after blatently lying through his teeth about putting the health care debates on C-SPAN.

-- Posted by marcus elvis erogenous on Sat, Feb 13, 2010, at 11:48 PM

Dang it Gearjammer,

About the time you do a great piece of writing and we start to think there is hope, you throw out more of this nonsense.

ITEM -- Republicans in Congress were and are 100% behind the investigation of Toyota's half-million auto recall.

President Obama seems to lack serious clout with that bunch.

ITEM--Where are the facts RE: ACORN and the $4-Billion. You shovel a lot of BS, but continually fail to come up with any facts and details.

ITEM -- Report the Detroit voter registration and CENSUS numbers along with your stream of bile.

ITEM -- "..unholy alliance with General Electric -- billions in FDIC fund -- used to buy up oil and gas leases to frustrate energy production, -- GE's huge [health care] windfall-- billions in electronic medical records contracts."

Facts, Sam, facts. DETAILS.

Has the OBAMA ADMINISTRATION awarded a series of No-Bid Sweetheart contracts (As with D&DD's dealings with Haliburton, KBR and Blackwater)to anyone?

Do you have any facts that GE will do anything other than what it has done for 100 years -- BID in open competition for federal, state and local contracts?



"...nation suffers from the Obama recession.."

Sam, Sen. Obama was doing other things besides running the world's economy. It was DDD and Republican Bankers who produced that disaster.

Otherwise, how is it that the Auto Industry, Big Bank and AIG bailouts all were DDD operations.

It was Obama who stepped in after Jan. 20 to insist that ongoing actions stop the huge banker bonuses with "my" money.

ITEM --government workers have enjoyed fat raises in pay, and the government has been hiring at a record pace."

NOT with any OBAMA budget, Sam. All hiring and pay raises to date -- STRICTLY DDD BUDGETS.

You see Gearjammer, federal budgets are out there a full year and two years ahead, and many budget items are expended over as much as ten years.


Run by Crawford, TX and complain to the former president responsible.

ITEM -- "Katie Couric, enjoying millions of dollars in annual income.."

Hey Sam, Katie got a contract for those millions, way back in the Bush years. No new contract since Obama became president.

".. (Couric) shows no ambition to be a reporter."

Fact, Katie has always been a slow-pitch, no curves interviewer. She's strictly a likable on-screen personality. THAT AIN'T REPORTING.

She proved that with the Palin interviews.

Hours of marshmallow tidbits. Problem was Miz Sary cain't spell marshmallow.

Now, as your cronies love to claim, I am a near senile "old fart" with diminished capacities (For partying, that's for sure) and I could answer Katie's tough question "What newspapers and magazines do you read?"


Sam -- Miz Sary could not name one.

Couric tried to spoonfeed Palin -- but Miz Sary could only repeat standard platitudes.

Again -- Katie Couric is far less of a reporter, even less of an effective to-the-point interviewer than Craig Ferguson, who follows Letterman -- and is many times better and funnier.

Craig's last session with Trace Adkins was AWESOME!!

ITEM --" ...attack Palin .. Rush, Beck and Fox News."

I used to watch that bunch to hear another viewpoint -- but there is a HUGE problem.

They could not find truth and fact with a MAG-LITE. Impartial 'media-check' agencies have found the two, Hannity, Coulter and Fox News opinion pieces so lacking in facts and accuracy, all have been removed from "NEWS" categories and are now considered under "Entertainment."

ITEM --".. Hillary..promised Chinese to persuade them to loan us billions of dollars. What did she agree too in the form of security?"

Gearjammer, please don't drive while you're smoking those funny cigarettes!!!

The BUSH family controls almost 100% of the import/export business licenses for China. Major stockholders in the licensing corporations -- members of the ruling families in Bejing.

GEORGE DUBYAH BUSH started the borrowing from China, not Pres. Obama or Hillary.

What did DDD promise Bejing? Ever think of asking that?

You have come up with some wierd thinking, but this one goes beyond assinine. (What does Foxworthy say, "Give her face a two and her ass a nine."

ITEM -- "..no college records-grades-papers- reports-journals are available for .. Obama.

DUH - Start with his Thesis in the Harvard Law School Library, the YEAR of HARVARD LAW REVIEW he directed, his law school graduation records; Columbia yearbooks, etc., etc., Occidental College and High School in Honolulu. UNDER FEDERAL LAW, schools are prohibited from releasing specific student records.

ITEM -- CZARS-- Write Ben Nelson and your congressmen. You don't know what the blazes you are writing of -- parroting Rush and Beck and good ol' Than Franthithco Thavage"-- but write your congressman.

GIVE SOME FACTS -- PUBLICLY NAME EVERY COMMUNIST AND SOCIALIST you can prove in the operation. FACTS, Sam, Facts -- Not just your shovel load.

ITEM -- ".. no apparent financial where-with-all, pay for Columbia and Harvard?

Family support from grandparents and Kansas relatives, merit scholarships, Pell Grants and federal student loans -- for Occidental and Columbia.

Worked in Chicago, paid off the original student loans, applied for scholarships, fellowships, etc. and more student loans for Harvard Law School.

He disclosed in election financial reports that he and Michelle completed paying off their student loans three years before he sought election.

Now how did DubYah, Shotgun Cheney, Donnie Rumsfeld, John McCain, Sarah Palin and Danny Quayle pay for their educations.

Four had big family bucks. One got through the Naval Academy despite serious shortcomings as a student and citizen.

Miz Sary -- Seven tries in four or five colleges and universities.

Ask for her records, insist Miz Sary publish her transcripts, grades and reasons for wandering among campuses in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington and Idaho. Who paid for all the travel between schools?

McCain picked a winner there, just ask his campaign manager and staff. They've had lots to say about Miz Sary.

And Sam, as for people attacking Miz Sary and the clan.

Basic rule -- Climb up the flag pole and expose your behind, don't cry if it collects attention, jeers, whistles or birdshot.

ITEM --".. Obama ..railroad unions.. hobble the nation's trucking industry."

Facts, Sam, Facts. BS walks, Facts talk.

Where are the facts. Facts or fold the BS.

SAM, The trucking companies don't need any help in destroying their industry. They are proving adept at self-destruction, with the help of DDD and $5.50 diesel during a time of surplus crude.

ITEM --"..home in Chicago .. Rezko."

The tax records show the Obama's bought the home at market value, sold the extra lot at appraised market value to Rezko."

DubYah rubbed elbows several times in an official capacity with shady characters, Korean influence peddlers and con artists, dictators and mass murderers. I've never been gentle with DubYan, since seeing his Club President conduct during Ranger's games and learning first hand of his inbibing days at Midland and Odessa.

But I have never claimed DubYah was a Communist because he put his arm around Putkin and other Communist leaders, including some Chinese.

Obama got into politics in Chicago -- and won.

That told me he is nobody's pushover. He is smooth, he is polished, he is intelligent, he is an awesome speaker and none by accident, except for the native intelligence. What he has done with that intelligence is his responsibility.

DubYah frequently entertained all of the Enron fraudsters in Austin and in the White House.

Does that mean he was involved in their fraud?

DubYah frequently sat elbow to elbow with some sorry individuals at state dinners. Did that make him responsible for their crimes?

ITEM -- "..spending .. grandkids' money ..census Super Bowl commercial --waste another 360+ million..tell everyone... census is underway.

Hey Sam -- check back. Ike, Reagan, Poppa Bush, Nixon, DubYah -- all had money spent to advertise censuses of their years.EVERY ONE OF THEM.

REMEMBER, you complained about voters and total eligible in Detroit.

Where do officials get he numbers? THE CENSUS.

ITEM -- "...include illegals in the census."

How'n'ell are we to know how many illegals are in the country for sure, and where they come from, without including them in the census?

Sam, you are too smart to be acting this dumb!!

ITEM --"..church..poor part of Chicago, bUy a multi-million dollar home?

Same way Oral Roberts and son Richard bought estates on the coast north of San Diegol; Jim and Tammy Faye Baker spent tens of millions wastefully; Bishops of many faiths, and Cardinals of the Catholic Church lived luxurious lives, while underdressed poor children shiver in cold churces before dropping their offerings into the plate; the same way Jerry Falwell lived in a palace at Lynchburg.

You are the loud and proud Christian, Sam.

You explain the excesses of thousands of clergy, priests who molest altar boys; TV evangelists who meet female and male prostitutes in motels.

You explain it. Not just a single black preacher, but the thousands nationally and hundreds of thousands world wide of every faith, who are pure evil, preaching death, hatred, vengence and violence.

Sam, you are the loud and proud Christian -- you explain -- but explain for all. Not just the single black preacher your hate for political reasons.

And face reality, you would care less about Wright, except for the Obama connection.

But then explain why an Owner-Operator will spend $20,000 for chrome and extra lights, a luxury sleeper cab and the best fitted seats, with every electronic gadget -- while his children go without shoes, dental work and warm coats.

And don't tell me it doesn't happen --that S.O.B. lives two miles down the road.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 5:58 AM

Hithere Hank

"ITEM -- Republicans in Congress were and are 100% behind the investigation of Toyota's half-million auto recall."

Rep. Stupak to Investigate Toyota Recall

House Democrat Concerned About Automaker's Massive Recall, Hinting that Congress May Hold Hearings on Issue



Not quite 100% hank

-- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 11:24 AM

ACORN Could Get Billions from Democrats' Trillion Dollar Spending Plan

"Job Creation" Bill Offers Taxpayer-Funded Bonanza for Organization Reportedly Under Federal Investigation


Now Hank, don't go ballistic because the FACTS come from a Rebublican Site.


-- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 11:31 AM

State Department Admits No-Bid Contract 'Violates' Obama Campaign Pledges

By James Rosen

- FOXNews.com

The recent awarding of a lucrative federal contract to a company owned by a financial contributor to the Obama presidential campaign -- without competitive bidding -- "violates" President Obama's many campaign pledges to crack down on the practice, a top State Department official told Fox News


wait! that can't be true thats from shhh Fox News! @!$%^& conservative news outlets.

-- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 11:38 AM

Reformed Right Guy, Is it difficult to stick your head in the sand and pretend all is well? Personally, I think you are the mad man. I agree with Sam. You never were a conservative, because the conservatives I know can tell the difference between chit and Shinola.

Sam, I know you had lots more you could write here, because almost every day Obama is in power, he commits an outrage. The auto company takeovers definitely need to be investigated. What Constitutional right does Obama have to fire CEO's? What Constitutional authority did Obama use to steal from the bondholders and give that money to his union pals?

You kind of glossed over the higher education problems, I understand why, for time and space constraints, but the sheer indoctrination that goes on under the guise of education is an outrage.

Do you remember how Wayne State in Detroit received several million to study drunken Chinese hookers? This was a payback for delivering voters indoctrinated at Wayne State.

Bless you Sam, keep firing away.

-- Posted by Leo.Pold on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 12:14 PM

Ha I could do this all day!... Shoot, just went back and read ALL of hanks post,jeez it will take me all day.

-- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 12:15 PM

Also, the information regarding every single detail Sam laid out is out there for those who will take the time me to look. Why should Sam do your homework for you? Carl, you misfit, try and at least pretend you have a brain, instead of a skull full of liberal mush.

-- Posted by Leo.Pold on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 12:19 PM

You are correct reformed. Perhaps sam should step back and list the things the bush cheney white house should be investigated for.

-- Posted by president obama on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 12:51 PM

Hey Large Canine,

Fellow named Obama early on refused to start that game. All the specific cases of DDD misconduct pointed out here, he said up front should not generate investigations.

ONE SLIGHT DETAIL -- I did not say there were no Democrats interested in the magnitude (470,000 cars) of the Toyota recall. Said the Republicans have been real vocal.

REALITY -- The Democratic Chair calls committee hearings and investigations. Republican minority leaders and members can request as can Democrats.

Thank God, with the sub committees and committees there is still some bipartisan cooperation. Not in public, but within the inner workings.

Urged Democrats to move forward.

BooJum -- The Republican Leader site is not exactly a reliable source. ACORN has had one instance where the same guys caught trying to bug Landreau's office in Louisiana pulled their deal soliciting advice for running a hooker ring.

Only problem now, without a proven chain of control of that "evidence" -- How much of that conversation was dubbed over the less than perfect video images?

Will you go into court and swear to your certain knowledge the visual and sound recordings presented were absolutely accurate?

By the way BooJum -- still waiting for a list of town police departments and county sheriffs where you would be interested in volunteering if they will specify the training required, basic qualifications and what their volunteers do.

Your citing of the NO BID State Dept. contract -- Present the facts of the situation, what the contract covered, what it cost, who knew of the transaction -- DETAILS and FACTS.

Your statement of a glittering generality, without DETAILS and FACTS is meaningless.

For several years, I was responsible for signing numerous DOD contracts for my company -- Less than $2500, emergency, no-bid packages -- usually four to ten contracts to complete a sizable project.

Crooked - Hardly. The base Engineer would first get competitive bids -- and a bottom price.

It was fairly normal for the lowest qualified bidder to come in at $250,000.

He would call me to price out the same contract.

My bid would often be less than 10% of the lowest competitive bid.

HOW??? Under the small pieces, he could write a check upon completion for our work. Often he could order the hardware for the job at about 5-15% of the bid price.

However it worked out -- because we got our money upon completion, did not nave to go through the entire Red Tape, cost of bidding 40 jobs to secure one, 2,000 to 5,000 travel miles, motels and meals, process the bid and endure 180 to 240 day delay in payment from D.C. -- and we were better than good at the work -- We could do the job for a tiny percentage of the best bid, give him a five to ten year guarantee on our workmanship, rather than the 180 day guarantee of the bidders.

There were times when he called for bids, they were published in the Federal Register and widely advertised -- only to receive no qualified bids.

If he received any unqualified bids, he could take those as a guide and ask me for our total price, broken into $2499 or lower increments.


Unsupported claims and diatribes ain't DETAILS and FACTS.

Noticed those much better equipped troops are moving ahead with light casualties in taking over that Taliban drug center in Southern Afghanistan.

Those ABRAMS hybrid mine/IED clearing snow plows are purely awesome. But it still takes boots on the ground with good men in them.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 1:38 PM

I think Cheney and Bush should answer for, or be proven innocent of war crimes. But this impunity is the biggest shame of all. So distract all you want, but I think if so many accuse Cheney and Bush of war crimes they should face it. No doubt they are responsible for many lives.

You cons are insane. Sorry.

-- Posted by Jaded American on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 2:28 PM

"Unsupported claims and diatribes ain't DETAILS and FACTS"

You are the man hank, truth is stranger than fiction.

I would much rather have a professional officer than an poorly trained wannabe who doesn't no the slide release from the safety, patroling my street.

-- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 2:37 PM

"Your statement of a glittering generality, without DETAILS and FACTS is meaningless"

Apply your own quote to yourself.

Why don't you provide any support for your own claims? Endless reciting of supposed true statements sounds just like what you are railing against.

-- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Feb 14, 2010, at 2:47 PM

Mindfull - My nephew is a grad of Columbia - he paints an entirely different view than one you provided. The indoctrination worked in your case I guess.

-- Posted by sameldridge on Mon, Feb 15, 2010, at 2:03 PM

Reformed right winger.Is your nephew an Affirmative Action grad of Columbia because anyone who gets into college with ACT or SAT test scores is intelligent enough to know what the author wrote is fact,not fiction.

-- Posted by Army Engineer on Mon, Feb 15, 2010, at 3:46 PM

Boo --

If you know of a sheriff or police chief in your area who is putting untrained volunteers on the street -- REPORT THEM TO YOUR STATE'S ATTORNEY GENERAL.

SOMEHOW -- 40-80-100 hours of classroom, arrest/search and seizure drills/firearms instruction and range practice and hand-to-hand self defense does seem a little like training.

Continuing it with 16 hours monthly on a permanent fixed schedule does appear to be a little like training. Two four hour range practices monthly does seem to be training.

Even after the required hours of advance training, at least 80 for most modern departments, add in 200 hours in the passenger seat before the volunteer carries a sidearm.

At most, he will cover the full-time paid officer's back, holding barroom doors open while the "pro" extracts problem drunks from a "combat zone" dive -- which every city council in its wisdom has allowed to operate.

Or, slip out to the side with the Riot Gun during a nighttime traffic stop to cover your partner.

Boo -- The eight sworn volunteers with the last department I was with, consistently outscored the full-time officers on the pistol and shotgun ranges. Eight paid (including the dispatcher, in a town of 8,000 with 40 liquor licenses) backed with eight trained volunteers. [By that time, after 26 years volunteering, I had at least 6,000-8,000 hours of formal training, range practice and drills.)

The female dispatcher outscored all 15 males at least 90% of the time.

We all fired Colt Python .357 "Leadcutters". From four to seven inch barrels. But we cheated, while the full-time officers were changing shifts in the early morning -- at least half of us were out at the old WWII air base ranges, practicing -- 7 days weekly. One retired Shore Patrolman, reloaded for everyone. We bought the materials, he did the work. The regular officers worked 12 hour "Lone Ranger" shifts, at least five days weekly, six days every other week.

Regardless of how much we practiced, that 35-year-old female dispatcher could outshoot all of us with minimal practice. We claimed it was because she used an eight inch S&W .38 Special. So she used one of the Pythons and still outshot us. {Do you think she got any respect?]

When a 250 lb. man, at least 8 inches taller and 110 lbs. heavier tried to be difficult during booking and she flipped him into the concrete wall before putting him on his stomach -- She sure had my respect.

Experienced volunteers often drive during slow times and the "pro" caught up on sleep, sometimes on a couple of blankets in the back seat.

Guess what, she ran the office and the radio, but she also had been training and practicing for 16 years.

You want a cop for a good friend, cover the shift on a quiet Sunday afternoon and let him sleep four hours straight.

Be there in a known drug running corridor, when he has to chase a Mercedes 20 miles at 2 a.m. before getting the guy stopped.

That's when you keep the spotlight on while getting the scope-sighted rifle out of the trunk, so he has some extra cover.

And that is when, the driver and passengers are ordered out with their hands in the air, with the two of you hidden behind twin spotlights and high-beam headlights.

Without trained volunteers, that full-time officer would be strictly Lone Ranger, asking dispatch to find him a State Officer or backup from nearby towns.

Now at Colby -- Imperial, Julesburg, Chadron, Valentine, Norton, etc. -- How far away is that backup?

If you are the Lone Ranger full-time officer at Austin, NV -- Can you wait four hours for backup?

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Tue, Feb 16, 2010, at 9:19 AM

Well Hank, it take guts to admit that the dispatcher is a better handgun shooter than the boys.

Maybe you should be doing the donut runs and handling the mic, and she should be running the raids. :) More rounds down range Hank, that is the only way get better.

BTW the correct term is Wadcutter, a flat nosed bullet loaded flush with the mouth of the case with a light load primarily used for target shooting as the wadcutter cut neat clean holes is the paper.

All of those volunteers must of had good jobs to

buy the top of the line Python I would have expected Troopers or a M&P model 10


All in all volenteers can fill a good role to allow the pro's to do the critical job of law enforcement. I just prefer to let my tax money be used to hire the best possible for the job.

-- Posted by boojum666 on Tue, Feb 16, 2010, at 6:35 PM

Sorry Boo,

The Pythons earned "Leadcutter" because they blew shreds of lead back into faces.

We learned after the first day on the range.

Wear goggles and a ski mask to keep from bleeding to death and actually get lead embedded into our skin.

"I just prefer to let my tax money be used to hire the best possible for the job."

REALITY -- Rural towns of 3,000 up to 50,000 cannot compete with Denver, Boulder, Omaha, KayCee, Des Moines, Cheyenne, Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, San Antone, L.A. or most smaller cities for the top talent.

Sometimes home town ties will keep some of the best, or bring them back to care for parents in their last years.

But keeping a 20-Year man with an M.S. in Criminal Justice and another M.S. in Public Administration, or even Bachelors' degrees -- is virtually impossible for rural counties and towns.

Few family men can afford to walk away from $150,000 to $200,000 available in the higher ranks of a larger city, for $40,000 as chief in the country.

Especially, when the city council buys six-cylinder engines for patrol cars and requires their employees to furnish all their uniforms and equipment and pay for their own practice ammo.

As for the men and women who volunteer.

Probably 50% have higher education credentials, at least 30% in my experience were professionals.

Most are members of Civic Clubs, Church Boards, Farm Bureau, Co-op Boards, Livestock Grower Associations, etc.

Many become volunteers because an officer in the area is injured or killed operating "Lone Ranger" and they realize that ain't right.

Chunky, some of you youngsters seem to think I am a crabby "Old Fart."

I have had some success in life, professional ranks, politics and business because I learned as a youngster to never prejudge.

Study, develop as much information as possible and make a decision.

Yeah, and I learned to be a quick study. I've taken over distressed businesses and within the first month knew more about the business and the entire market than the previous manager or owner knew after 30 years.

I started making little decisions walking in the door the first day.

My first job out of college. Hired on 16 hours after my last final exam, driving 250 miles to interview. An hour later, I had tools out of the back of the building and was cleaning weeds and grass from in front of the building. Sunday, I washed the windows and swept and mopped all the floors.

Monday morning, walked into every retail and service business in town and introduced myself, then started available bodies reorganizing, while I called vendors for consignment inventory, catalogs for additional lines and reviewed accounts.

That first Monday night, I started telephoning every farmer and rancher in the county, looking for business opportunities.

I did not make a major decision for ten days.

I was a registered Republican in a solidly Democratic county. But noone there ever knew, because I got the business into profits and stabilized, found a replacement, took my bonus and left.

There was not a single decision made for political reasons.

My positions politically today are strictly based upon results.

With the BUSHES' predidencies, there are these glaring results:

-- Constantly in the WRONG WARS;

-- Quadrupling of the national debt;

-- Both left economic disaster, foreclosures, bankruptcies and severe recessions, bordering on depression;

-- Without competent Democrats following POPPA and DubYah -- the country would almost certainly have gone all the way into depression.

-- With POPPA Bush we had the S&L disaster, with his son Neil involved up to his neck and $2-Billion of taxpayers money.

-- With DUBAH, the Bank and Insurance debacle, which lead to the auto makers' crisis -- plus the corruption and waste in Hurricane Reliev and Iraq, in particular, the cost has been far into the TRILLIONS.

I don't care about their party, religion, golf games or how many mistresses they have.

I do care about results. Republican results the past thirty years have been disastrous.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Wed, Feb 17, 2010, at 12:22 PM

Did the Bush family control congress most of those 30 years?????

-- Posted by hankherndon on Wed, Feb 17, 2010, at 1:11 PM

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