The True Cross

Posted Sunday, January 31, 2010, at 3:57 AM
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  • Great column, Sam!

    -- Posted by MrsSmith on Sun, Jan 31, 2010, at 11:21 AM
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    Amazing stuff Sam. Do you even know how much we appreciate you?

    -- Posted by CandyKilroy on Sun, Jan 31, 2010, at 2:00 PM
  • Very nice, Dad. I think we forget how recently all of that happened... how hard people had to fight for all of the things we take for granted. It wouldn't hurt any of us to take a little bit more time and have a little more recognition for the struggle our families endured to create the lives we enjoy. Thank God for the relentless faith that drove them.

    -- Posted by joyfulone01 on Sun, Jan 31, 2010, at 9:30 PM
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    "...relentless faith." What a marvelous phrase.

    -- Posted by Leo.Pold on Sun, Jan 31, 2010, at 10:20 PM
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    That's a good write, Sam. It is a testament to the fact that there is no black and white us vs. them. If we try to put each other in a box and slap a label on them it does a great disservice to the great many who don't fit in a little box. (Most of us)

    -- Posted by Jaded American on Mon, Feb 1, 2010, at 9:42 AM
  • Gearjammer,

    Until you try the twist at the end to get in a political dig -- you wrote a great piece.

    Find a major flaw --

    You attribute good only to Christians.

    Down in Navajo/Hopi/Zuni land in the southwest for well more than a half century -- one licensed trader had the unqualified trust of those three Native American groups.

    At no charge, he was their banker for decades.

    They brought their woven and silver-smithed "estates" to him to store, maintain the inventory, loan against that inventory when needed and only sell with their approval when he could get top market value.

    He built huge fire-safe and fullysecure warehouses to store his friend's "bank accounts of rugs, blankets, jewelry, belts, etc.

    When one friend told him of another going through hard times, the help was delivered within hours, be it cash, food, clothing, fuel or school tuition.

    He was not a Christian.

    Just a lone Jew, living his faith.

    In California, during the 60s, 70s into the 80s, a PHd (Genetics and Plant Breeding) and his librarian wife, maintained an open door policy toward overseas students at four community colleges and several universities.

    Overseas students of every faith, race and nationality were welcome at any time.

    The hosts helped with State Department, college and local government red tape, finding a "faith center" for individuals of all faiths.

    They were and are devout, practicing Muslims.

    Good is not exclusive to Christians.

    Non-Christians are mostly about the same in their conduct toward others as any practicing Christian.

    Evil is not exclusive to any race, creed on nationality.

    Evil is evil.

    Whether it be the Missionaries who went to Hawaii about 175 years ago -- TO DO GOOD.

    Five missionary families stayed - AND GOT WELL!,

    while the Hawaiians, especially Christian converts, had everything stolen by the former Missionaies.

    There were no Muslims grabbing land in Hawaii.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 7:31 AM
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    Hank - I know I am going to take crap for this, but I must disagree with your statement that God is not exclusive to Christians. I suppose we could argue some semantics for a bit, like what does exclusive mean, or will God work in the lives of non-believers, etc.

    Jesus said, "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father but through me".

    Christ is either who he said he was, or the most phenomenal delusional of all time. I settled this question in my heart years ago by deciding that Christ was who He said He was.

    After witnessing the phenom of Barack, I can see how some people, in their narcissism, might come to think and act as if they were the Messiah. Progressives have polluted many black churches with Rev. Wright type of garbage and with the idea that voting for Barack was somehow a holy thing to do.

    I just look at the way Jesus conducted himself, and the way Barack conduces himself. Christ never called for the rich to be robbed, never supported the deaths of the unborn, and really, spent no time at all in politics or advancing himself. Barack does the opposite of Christ while claiming to be His disciple.

    We Christians have a real battle on our hands, and not with non-Christians, rather with each other. There are too many Christians satisfied, in my opinion, to sit in their fat pews, while millions die, and our country "slouches towards Gomorrah".

    I am all for a country that allows folks to believe whatever they want, however, this silly notion that somehow this nation was not founded by Christians, is wrong. Were they perfect Christians? NO. But they prayed and asked God's Blessings and Wisdom before, during, and after all of their work to from this nation.

    The country paid for its mistake of slavery by bloods of hundreds of thousands, but it was Christians, that never stopped in opposition to slavery. They never gave up, even when the politically wise at the time said, each state should have a choice as to slavery, the Christians said NO.

    I liken the abortion fight with the fight against slavery. Abortion is this nation second great sin. Slavery, now abortion.

    Now I am really gonna make you mad, and I apologize in advance, okay?

    You people that sit by and try and wash your hands of the abortion mess, are just like many folks pre-civil war. They tried to wash their hands of slavery.

    I can hear them, can't you? "Hey, I don't beleive in slavery, but how can I tell people in Alabama how to live? That is their state, that is their business.

    Sorry to ramble Hank, but as a rambler yourself, I thought you'd understand.

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 10:11 AM
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    I remember from sunday school about the rich man who wanted to follow Christ and Christ told him to give up all of his riches..

    "I'll say it again. It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God."

    -Jesus (Matthew 19:24)

    ...or does that one not count?

    -- Posted by Jaded American on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 10:24 AM
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    Yeah, man, everyone gets your Arab joke. It's just that most folks, even the ones that share your... prejudices, aren't as eager as you are to share them. Makes you seem really backwoods. Anonymity is great, yes?

    -- Posted by Jaded American on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 11:14 AM
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    Jaded - Thanks for bringing up that Scripture, as it is often used by liberals to justify robbing the rich.

    If you read just a tiny bit further, after Jesus made the comment about how difficult it was for a rich man to enter the kingdom. His disciples asked him to explain, so the lesson did not stop there. Jesus then said, "how hard it is for them that TRUST in uncertain riches."

    Just like Guillermo, in the past, misquoted the Bible he says he knows so well, money is not the root of all evil, the LOVE of money is.

    That is the danger of taking Scripture out of context.

    Sorry Guillermo, but entire little rant was childish, complete with made up facts, and your polluted opinion.

    I disagree with your premise. A commie is a commie, in China, in the USA, in Europe. A commie is still a commie.

    And your little attempt to make it seem that people all over the world love their lives in socialist Utopia's, was even more foolish. You and your Marxists buddies better spend a bit more time on your answers. You are really stinkin' up the joint.

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Tue, Feb 2, 2010, at 6:03 PM
  • Actually, GI, the Bible does NOT say that profit is abominable, rather it teaches that you should not loan or borrow, but if you do loan, it should be at no interest...exactly as your quote says. :-)

    Beyond that, when we are given a profit (and there are MANY examples of God giving a profit), we are to give to the needy from our profit...something that Christians, American Christians, do far more than ANY other group.

    I suppose you have missed the "minor" fact that God owns all humans. Every death is His, every life is His. It matters not at all whether He chooses to take a human home 2 minutes after conception...or 120 years after conception.

    Abortion, on the other hand, can ONLY be committed by humans upon other humans. With no right, no knowledge of the human murdered, even with no knowledge of our own future, we condemn innocent life. Thank God, He is there to greet the tiny life we destroy. Thank God, He is a JUST God, and justice will eventually prevail.

    I'm sure that Jesus would hang His head in shame at all humans. Thank God, He loved us enough to redeem our sins! If you care at all about His shame, perhaps you should also bow your head and Thank Him.

    -- Posted by MrsSmith on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 7:38 AM
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    How is killing the first born abortion? Leaving aside the whole it's not up to me to judge God,(who apparently you believe is not your God, I thought you said you were a Christian who didn't like organized religion in the past) Do you not see a distiction between terminating a pregnancy vs. and killing children and adults? I thought the whole argument in favor of abortion is that it was a mass of cells that hadn't gained life yet. Can you explain for me the apparent contradiction?

    As for profit: I don't see how you take a statement against usury and apply it to all forms of financial profit. I thought you were smarter than to make such easily refuted statement. Two quotes later it indicates that profit is not abominable.

    On Education: Where in that proverb does it say anything about formal education, it clearly says wisdom. Do you contend that only those with a formal education can be wise?

    "In all seriousness, I am sorry your God committed mass abortion, and I am sorry that undermines your entire position on the subject."

    This line here really demonstrates what makes conservative Christians dislike liberals. In it you declare that humans are equal to God. Is your argument: if God does it, we should do it too?

    -- Posted by SWNebr Transplant on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 10:06 AM
  • GI, tsk, tsk, call me "obtuse," then make the exact point I made...that we are not to profit from LOANS.

    As for excess profit from honest labor, at least Christians do the right thing with it...unlike most leftists and liberals! :-)

    God owns all humans, all animals, all the earth, all the universe. He gave us free will, but that doesn't mean He handed us the title. I take it you haven't quite figured that out? Oh, well, you will.

    As for your charge of "euphemism," facts are facts. When a human dies, that human goes to God. When God takes us, it's called "natural causes." Even for humans in Egypt... :-)

    Unless you happen to be a Being that can speak mass and energy into existence, you really can't even start to figure out why He does what He does, can you? But hey, if you managed to make that "evolutionary step" or whatever, let us know. Until then, calling out judgement on your owner is kinda foolish.

    -- Posted by MrsSmith on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 12:10 PM
  • GI, the Bible does not teach that profit is you would know if you bothered to study with Christians instead of reading leftist-lying sites.

    "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again."

    Because we know this, conservative Christians outgive every other segment of society. :-)

    You may not believe that you'll end up in front of God one day, but you'll find out eventually. Meanwhile, you stand proud and arrogant on an earth provided by Him, breathing air provided by Him, eating food grown by Him, using sunlight provided by Him. Unless and until you're "big" enough to make these things for yourself, you are vulnerable to having Him remove them at any moment. :-)

    Tell me one other thing...if it isn't a child that is murdered in the womb during abortion, what exactly is it? The Bible calls him/her a child, so God obviously disagrees. :-)

    -- Posted by MrsSmith on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 1:51 PM
  • "Week 5:

    Eyes are starting to form, a mouth-like opening appears near the "head"; finger and toes are beginning to form. The brain now has three recognizable divisions, as it does in the fully-developed baby and adult.

    Week 6:

    The beginnings of a nose and palate appear; eyelids cover the eyes. The brain is growing rapidly, making a prominent bulge in the head region. The length is not quite one inch.

    Week 7-8:

    More brain growth. Inside, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, heart are all taking shape. Ovaries and testes can be seen. The first muscle movements take place.

    By the end of the 8th week, all of the main organ systems are in place, although not in their final form. The embryo sits in the shape of a C, with its large head bowed, and legs flexed upward. It weighs about 1/3 of an ounce, and measures about 2 inches from top to bottom."

    8 weeks after conception...LONG before the end of the first trimester, the CHILD has a brain, all his or her major organs including the sex organs. It sounds like more of your lefty sites are lying to you, GI.

    -- Posted by MrsSmith on Wed, Feb 3, 2010, at 2:24 PM
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    Why would your circular arguments make me uncomfortable? In your response to my questions were you intentionally obtuse or did you not answer my questions accidentally?

    -- Posted by SWNebr Transplant on Thu, Feb 4, 2010, at 12:55 PM
  • Doggone,

    Here we have folks from every political spectrum arguing scripture and the New and Old Testaments.

    I'm still waiting for answers to my question -- "How am I to accept as divine law the writings of men who absolutely knew the Earth is a FLAT surface.

    They absolutely knew, "If you sail a ship too far, your ship will fall off the edge of the Earth."

    They absolutely knew, "The Earth is the center of the entire universe, with the sun, moon and all the stars orbiting around the Earth."

    Plus, the really good one designed for Mrs. Smith, "Women are the property of their fathers, who shall give the woman to her husband, after which she will be the property of the husband."

    Gearjammer, do you think it might be a trifle entertaining to watch when Mr. Smith tries to exercise his property rights? When Mrs. Smith don't want those rights or anything else exercised?"

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Thu, Feb 4, 2010, at 5:36 PM
  • And hank,

    Who in the Bible claimed the world was flat? Who in the Bible said ships would fall off the edge of the Earth? Who in the Bible claimed the Earth was the center of the universe?

    -- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Wed, Feb 10, 2010, at 7:16 PM
  • By the way Sam, a great post!

    -- Posted by Chunky Peanut Butter on Thu, Feb 11, 2010, at 9:43 PM
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