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Posted Tuesday, November 24, 2009, at 11:27 PM
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    I forgot to add in my comments about the troop levels in Afghanistan:

    If President Obama will not fully, and I mean FULLY support the men and women in harms way, and if he will not let the folks on the ground...win the war against terrorists, then I want our troops out of there. Bring them home. If we are not going to win the war, bring the troops home.

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Tue, Nov 24, 2009, at 11:53 PM
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    Reformed, Do you agree that unless we are going all out to win, we should get the hell out of there?

    I appreciate your response. I did a blog, The Truth About Oil, in which I maintain that there are hundreds of years of oil available to us right now, in our own country.

    I also think that we need to really get to work on nuclear energy. There is some amazing technology, that would be available now if not for the wacky environmentalists, that would allow a single garaged size unit to power a town the size of McCook for years at a time for about a third of the cost of conventional energy sources.

    I still disagree with you on Fox News. I think they are barely conservative, but for the most point, are fair and balanced as they say. Folks like Hannity and Beck are patriots. They are exposing the very dangerous Obama administration, while the rest of media is the Obama media, they are an active arm of the Obama administration. Not only that, the extreme media is lying for Obama, covering up for failed liberal policies, and trying to lead you and me, directly to slavery. Don't pass GO, don't collect $200, go directly to serfdom.

    You should like Bill O'Reilly, he is about as middle of the road as you can get. Before last years elections, O'Reilly kissed Obama's fanny for six months to get one lousy interview. O'Reilly has bent over backwards to give Obama the benefit of the doubt on almost every issue.

    In addition to Hannity and Beck, Fox also has, Juan Williams, a former liberal NPR guy, Bob Beckel, one the most far leftists apologists out there, Geraldo Rivera, certainly a far left lib by anyone's account. Sheppard Smith, who is another middle of the road guy.

    If anything, Fox is only somewhat conservative at times. Compare now to MSNBC, and GE, as they are in bed with Obama, serve as apologists for Obama, spread mis-information for Obama, smear conservatives for Obama, and they are in line to receive billions from the Democrat Party Slush Fund (Stimulus) for their treachery. The rest of the networks are right in line. There are daily meetings with Obama's Chief of Staff, ole Rhambo, in which ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR staffers meet with the White House to decide how best to propagandize the public.

    And yet you seem to have a hard on against FOX. Why?

    You say you are a reformed conservative. I don't know pal, I think you are still a conservative, maybe you just got sidetracked.

    What liberal policies have ever worked? They promise and promise, and steal money and more money, and yet they never accomplish anything. Just look what voting for Democrats has done for black America? If you listen to the so-called leaders of the "black" community, America is still a racist country, so what have the Democrats done for the black family? Nothing but destroy the black family, and yet, the Dems keep the the racial fires burning to keep black Americans voting against their own best interest. That's weird.

    Right now, unemployment among young black men 22-30 is a whopping 33%!!! How's that hope and change working out for young blacks? Yet, the Dem leaders keep blacks angry, and steer them to government programs as their only solution.

    That is evil, pure evil. And I would argue that Obama and his henchman are doing this on purpose. Destroy the economy, so that the only way out is a complete government takeover.

    They are using the phony stimulus money, to set the framework right now, while you and I talk.

    I hope you and I can continue to debate. I am not a Republican, not anymore, nor will I be until the Republican Party returns to its conservative roots.

    What are conservative roots? Respect for life and liberty. Lower taxation and less regulation. Rule of law, and Judges that interpret laws, not make them up as they go along. Respect for the Constitution, and fair elections. Just to name a few.

    To fredd, I have offered many solutions, and so have other conservatives. You don't listen. There are easy fixes to the Health Care mess created by liberal Democrats. However, those easy steps must included reigning in the Trial Lawyers. They were Obama's biggest supporters, so that is not going to happen under Obama.

    There are easy fixes to the energy problems, but you liberals stand in the way. You insist on ignoring common sense action, and insist on wasting billions on green delusions, all the while wrongly attacking industries that could help us.

    There are easy fixes to the economy, lower taxes, vut regulations. But you liberals are corruptly tied to the unions, and instead of putting people to work, your pal Obama has done nothing but stuff the pockets of labor unions. The unions funneled millions into Obama's campaign, and wow have they been paid back.

    Unions remind me of the old time western Sheriff, who at first saves the town from the bullies, but then the Sheriff becomes the bully. The UAW did everything in it's power to destroy GM, and GM will die eventually, regardless of how much of my grandsons money Obama bribes the unions with.

    I've offered solutions freddy, you just don't listen because of your hard head. You better learn to control your hate, seriously. You get mad at me, because I confront your hate. I can understand why you hate, as liberals have done nothing but foster hate and resentment for decades. Some folks, like you, become the fruit of their lies.

    Freddy, listen, look at your pal Guillermo's argument about abortion. He says it has always been here, and that we may as well get use to it. It is a good thing that Americans did not share Guillermo's warped view of life when it came to slavery huh? Hundreds of thousands of white men, who had nothing to do with slavery, they were not responsible for it, where against it, etc., but they had to shed blood to end slavery.

    Here is a truth Freddy, so listen up! Once liberty is lost, once freedom is stolen, only blood gets them back. Only blood. You liberals, through you blind hatred, are going to get millions MORE people killed.

    Sometimes I wonder if that isn't what you want. You libs seems to think that we humans are an evil to this planet.

    When it comes right down to it, I cannot think of anything that liberals think, do, say or believe, that positively affects this country.

    Grab yourself a notebook Freddy, and write in that notebook two thousand times, "I hate Bush!"

    When you are done, stand up, and start anew. Try and flush that hate out of you. You are being manipulated by people you support. They are using you Freddy, and when they are done with you, well, let me just say...liberalism kills. It is the only thing that liberals are good at.

    Tell me where I am wrong Fred.

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Wed, Nov 25, 2009, at 2:25 PM
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    Carl - the way to fight terrorism:

    A: End the political correctness. Confront radical Islam.

    B: Hunt down and destroy the terrorists.

    C: Secure our borders.

    D. Do not grant terrorist citizens' rights.

    E. Try and get liberals to quit spewing hate against America and Americans.

    F. Embrace our Christian heritage.

    G. Help Israel anyway we can to fight Iran and Iran's plans to start a war in the Middle East. Support Israel, not Hamas, nor any other other radical Islamic Nazis.

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Wed, Nov 25, 2009, at 2:33 PM
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    I guess I am going to have to start listening to Pink Floyd.

    -- Posted by Leo.Pold on Wed, Nov 25, 2009, at 4:34 PM
  • Hi Fredd

    constructive post

    We need to free our military to wage war. The police actions with restrictive rules hamstring our forces while our enemies have no rules.

    Navy seals get charged with a crime after catching a terrorist is an example of this. Our enemies are lol. It is amazing we still get men and women to join up.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Wed, Nov 25, 2009, at 6:21 PM
  • Yo Boojum, you may have have mentally injured a liberal. Fredd did not write the blog, Sam did. I realize you made a small error, but to a leftist zombie, attributing Sam's comments to Fredd, you may damage Fredd's delicate psyche.

    Sam, I doubt if you'll get any of these mindless liberals to apologize, but you were right on the money with the man made global warming hoax. Almost every day now, more news is coming out that shows global warming is the hoax of the century. Made up by a bunch of white coated lab nerds who lied through their teeth for funding.

    Rather than apologize, these libs will most likely turn up their fire and hate on you, truth be damned. Liberalism is a lie, from top to bottom, a lie. Sam, you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    -- Posted by RMontana on Thu, Nov 26, 2009, at 11:02 AM
  • sorry, it was meant to be a sly sarcastic response to Fredd last post.

    Sam makes strong points about flaws in our current admin, scientific cowardice, and liberal arrogance. We can only hope to have a better conservative representative come to the forefront,

    the recent choices have not been good.

    Have a safe thanksgiving with friends and family.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Thu, Nov 26, 2009, at 11:20 AM
  • Sam,

    Next Tuesday, the nation is to hear from the President, not you or me, Sceptre, Duffus, IG, boojum, Leo The Pole -- but The President.

    Expect to learn that for the first time in nearly eight years, the military and civilian operations in Afghan/Pak-istan have coordinated and coherent plans to follow -- and out people in the field will be receiving adequate equipment.

    Remember Shotgun Dickie, standing in his glorious arrogance and declaring CNN and the other news agencies were lying about our troops scavenging steel plate out of junk in Iraq to armor those bare-assed HumVees.

    Your TV went to split screen - with Shotgun Dick making his absolute declaration -- while the other side of the picture was showing our people in their shops welding scrap steel to HumVees trying to get some protection from IEDs and RPGs.

    Six full years of Bush/Cheney and our men in Afghanistan were still unprotected. What few Strykers were available were in Iraq.

    When President Obama announces what additional troops will be sent to Afghanistan, he will have armored personnel vehicles to protect them.

    Coming out of Wisconsin in less than eight months after President Obama ordered it.

    Most of our casualties in Afghan/Pak-istan have come from roadside bombs. Yet the Draft Dodgers had done nothing to protect our people.

    Expect to learn Tuesday that a combined military and civilian strategy, designed to secure and stabilize Afghanistan and secure and stabilize Pakistan so their nuclear arsenal doe not fall into Al Qaeda hands.

    That's what we are faced with after more than six years of Bush/Chaney leadership. No "Mission Accomplished" by a G-Suited politician posturing on a carrier deck. No false Cheney claim of "The Taliban is destroyed."

    Expect a sober, reasoned statement of tough reality Tuesday from the President.

    Do not expect anything resembling the Crawford Cowboy's hollow brags and empty promises straight from his "shoot from the hip," "flappin' my lip" arrogance.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Thu, Nov 26, 2009, at 5:18 PM
  • you forgot Fredd

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Thu, Nov 26, 2009, at 6:28 PM
  • Hey boojum,

    That's not so difficult, missing Fredd, with a whole crew parroting Limburger, B.S. Beck, Corrosive Coulter, Than Franthithco Thavage and the other multimillionaire doctrinaires.

    Sam keeps preaching that President Obama should "fully support" our troops.

    Is he forgetting about the three dozen plus who have been electrocuted in barracks, shops and offices built on NO-BID contracts by KBR?

    Is he forgetting about the men and women who have been killed, wounded and maimed for life, in those unprotected vehicles -- facing the KNOWN hazard of roadside bombs and RPGs.

    Middle east terrotists have a long history with IEDs.

    Yet after six years-plus in two countries, our troops were still expected to patrol "Indian country" riding sidesaddle, with bullseyes painted on their bare backs.

    While KBR piled up $100-Million in fraudulent billings.

    Knowing the Iraqi enemies were armed with RPG's from day one -- it still took four years to get the RPG deflecting grills around Strykers.

    You NeoCons continue ranting about the president who advised Pentagon brass in December 2008, while still just President-Elect, to have an effective armored personnel carrier ready for him to approve the winning bid by 2 p.m. of Inauguration Day.

    DubYah sought $50_BILLION in the current budget for 2060-2175 era long range research and development.

    This President is using that money to save our service men's and women's lives today.

    DubYah spent $2-Billion for ineffective fences on the Mexican border.

    This president quietly dispersed Unmanned Aerial Surveillance Vehicles (Predators) along that border and has sharply curtailed illegal people and drug crossings.

    Did you geniuses notice -- he did it quietly, without arrogance and boasting or photo ops.

    The human and drug smuggling "coyotes" are just now getting aware there is a "New Sheriff in town" and he does not B.S.

    This winter in the desert west of Nogales and Tucson, groups of people have hiked four times as far as they expected -- because the vehicles which were to meet them 30 to 60 miles in from the border were detected and removed.

    Water stations and minimal rations adequate to keep them walking to Phoenix were placed through the desert -- after walking more than a week, they were picked up and shipped back.

    Dirty, yeah. But the current Homeland Security director is from Arizona and knows how discouraging that Sonoran Desert can be after a week.

    Just like the controversial Maricopa County sheriff knows how strongly discouraging his tent-city jail is to would-be repeat offenders.

    Funny thing about old Louie -- after a hitch in his fresh air hoosegow, most of those released, catch the next bus to California.

    The crime rate in Lou's territory is dropping.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Thu, Nov 26, 2009, at 7:41 PM
  • Hank

    "By the end of 2007, $22.4 billion was earmarked for the MRAP in the military spending budget, with the eventual deployment of about 15,400 vehicles."

    Would the be the "effective armored car" you speak of? or was is something else?

    The vehicles being used today were designed some time ago, Before Obama. Not even Obama can speed up the defense industy.

    "Arpaio Remains Popular in Arizona Despite Pressure from Obama Administration"

    Obama would end Sheriff Arpaio's effective enforcement.

    Why has Obamas ratings dropped so low. Is it because the voters who belived his promises found out he won't be able to keep them. Even the rich democrats are coming to realize their pockets are being picked.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Thu, Nov 26, 2009, at 8:35 PM
  • Obviously this Greenlander is nuts, and just another liberal pseudo-scientist inventing Global Warming. Found this in the news today.

    ""TASIILAQ, Greenland - Gert Ignatiussen returns to this fjord-front Inuit town with the spoils of his hunting trip. Six seals, all killed with a single shot to the head.

    "With nimble handwork, his wife Bartholine cuts them up on the porch of their wood-frame home, saving the best meat for dinner. Ignatiussen throws leftover chunks of flesh and intestines to the yelping sled dogs fettered on a dusty slope below the house.

    "The blood-drenched scene offers a glimpse into Greenland's past - a time not long ago when seal hunting meant survival to nomadic Inuit tribes in one of the most hostile climates on Earth.

    "Global warming is melting the fringes of the frozen world where Greenland's Inuits have hunted seal, whale and polar bear for generations. It's thawing the permafrost on which their homes are built. It's disrupting Arctic wildlife and fish stocks, and making hunting trips more dangerous by thinning the ice that supports their dog sleds."

    boojum -- Regarding your theories.

    Email some GI in Afghanistan and ask him or her about the thin-skinned rigs they have been using while patrolling.

    The Pentagon brass has admitted getting a strong hint in early December from the President Elect that he expected something on his desk immediately after the swearing in ceremony.

    In WWII, an over-snow vehicle was needed.

    Studebaker delivered test models of the "Weasel" within six weeks, using their existing truck engines and an existing tracked chassis. The first shipment arrived at Ft. Lewis, Washington within four months. The second shipment arrived at Pando Junction, Colorado before Camp Hale construction was completed and the original Tenth Mountain Division was assembled there to complete training.

    We were still using them at Cp. Hale in the mid-50s. Designed from scratch and delivered within weeks and months.

    American industry can do the job. So can the Pentagon when someone holds their feet to the fire.

    I know of at least four outfits which were designing bomb proof vehicles two years ago. All of these companies had Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans at or near the top.

    The coalition troops over there have effective armored vehicles -- What part of this did Bush/Cheney not understand?

    Before taking office, Pres.-Elect Obama knew full well, protecting our troops had top priority. Bush/Cheney did not give a **** and they proved it for more than six years.

    And yes, the DOD started researching and designing fully IED safe armored equipment years ago, but civilian direction was to spend $50-Billion-Plus on "Star Wars" imagineering.

    And the NO-BID civilian think tanks and research outfits could always use part of that $50-Billion.

    As for Arpaio's policies -- Here I disagree with the President. I understand his logic and desire to begin serious efforts to treat, rather than just imprison.

    Obviously, we must get to treating drug addictions, we cannot financially sustain the present level -- not even considering steady increases -- of prison populations.

    Prisons don't work in stopping addictions.

    But, the sheriff is cutting his per-inmate budget to fit his taxpayer's ability to finance jails. Every inmate has a basic cot, a canvas roof over his sorry behind, enough calories to maintain healthy weight and work opportunities.

    I come from frontier stock, the president comes from Kansas folks living in Hawaii.

    Isn't likely we agree on a whole lot of things.

    Just remember bojum, he was handed a total disaster. John McCain was prattling "Our economy is fundamentally sound," while the auto industry and all the supporting industry were dying, every major bank was going under and **** near one-million Americans were losing their jobs every five weeks.

    The President has stated repeatedly that his major goals will have to be put aside, probably for a decade and more, while we dig out of DubYah's disaster.

    If you Neo-Cons would start keeping aware of what is actually happening, and turn off the radio noise, you might yet get into the 20th Century.

    I've given up on any of you making it into the 21st Century.

    The rich and poor Democrats are all realizing their pockets were picked from 2000 through 2008 to feed profits to Bush/Cheney cronies and China.

    Unless you have a well-established vegetable garden, some mature fruit and nut trees, berry and grape vines and plenty of chickens and pigs -- you had better pray this President succeeds in getting the economy growing steadily -- otherwise most folks will find food scarce and income scarcer.

    To many of you UBER-CONSERVATIVES remember only the mostly prosperous post WWII years -- The few of us remaining who lived through the depression know how bad it can get.

    Even then, working our tails off 365 days every year, we were far better off than the vast majority of people.

    I still remember a family of two brothers, wives and kids, and three of the grandparents, all in one old Ford truck, with a home-made trailer behind coming in one late September afternoon.

    Seven adults and four older kids, desperate for work. Out of food, out of gas, out of money.

    My dad helped them clean a granary and build an open fire cooking shed away from all buildings.

    He fed them, they worked for food and their beds in that granary until corn harvest started, then for that and 50 cents per day for the adults, while the kids went to school with us.

    Both grandfathers and the brothers had been successful businessmen in Fort Worth and Waco before the Depression. They had been migrant workers for seven years before coming to us.

    The women still had one old Singer sewing machine and made all their clothing with it. My mother had been saving flour and feed sacks for quilts and she gave them a two-foot stack of those sacks to sew clothes from -- shirts, blouses, skirts, underwear, dresses. ALL their clothing.

    Three of them had university educations. They kept as many of their books as they could in that old trailer. I read as many of them as I could that fall.

    That's what a full depression does to people.

    One of the older boys was killed at Anzio, another lost an arm and one eye in France.

    Two daughters eventually became teachers.

    The adults all worked in defense plants and got back on their feet during and after the war.

    But for seven years, they lived in labor camps, tents, under trees, in barns, chicken houses and worse.

    That is what Bush/Cheney almost put this country into again. Along with two mis-managed wars and multi-Billion Dollar gifts to their friends, while leaving New Orleans in ruins.

    Meanwhile, sick minds cheer any sign of losing or a weaker country, because they think it is hurting the President.

    Whoever he or she is, the President will be just fine in the future.

    When this nation fails or is weaker -- YOU and I suffer.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 7:44 AM
  • Navy SEALS being charged with assault on a terrorist, at worst for punching him in the face. Indeed, our enemies, with the help of the leftists in the USA, are winning.

    -- Posted by Hugh Jassle on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 8:37 AM
  • To all


    This link is to an interesting article which helps to establish the time lines required to bring a new military vehicle to the front.

    The military and the administration recognized the weakness of the Humvee and started the process to replace them long be President Obama claimed to have "ordered the pentagon to have the contract ready by 2 pm on inauguration day" President Obama is good with the news worthy quip but has yet to prove he is a commander in chief.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 9:39 AM
  • Boojum -- What was required was for the next Commander in Chief to tell some brass, Jan. 20 at 2 p.m. have this equipment in the process of being built or each of you will be patrolling Iraq or Afghanistan in a thin-skin HumVee.

    Bush/Cheney KNEW less than 30 days after Sadaam's statue came down before the cameras, that our defenseless big rigs were being attacked daily.

    Six years with every Kuwait City to Tikrit truck convoy being attacked at least one time each way -- and there was still no armor for those drivers.

    The brass "in country" refused to allow makeshift armor, because "..Was not G.I. and it didn't look good."

    What don't you understand about young people getting killed and maimed because the profits have to be maintained for political cronies?

    Here's something -- even you should understand:


    Beef Checkoff reports:

    The average U.S. farmer now feeds 144 people a day, in the United States and abroad, compared to 46 people in 1960. And, many consumers aren't aware of where their food comes from, since the average American is now three generations removed from farming as a livelihood.

    "Farmers and ranchers not only provide the food we eat, but also help sustain rural communities, preserve open space and wildlife habitat, and protect the environment," said North Dakota Stockmen's Association (NDSA) President Jack Reich, a Zap, N.D., rancher.

    Here are a few farm facts:

    * U.S. consumers spend about 10 percent of their disposable income on food, compared to 22 percent in the United Kingdom, 26 percent in Japan and 28 percent in South Africa

    * Farmers and ranchers provide food and habitat for 75 percent of the nation's wildlife

    * The U.S. beef industry is comprised of 1 million beef and dairy producers, 75 percent of whom work on operations that have been in the family for at least two generations

    * The average U.S. farm is 441 acres; 99 percent are classified as family operations. About 41 percent of total U.S. land area is farm land

    * 85 percent of U.S. grazing lands are unsuitable for crops; grazing animals on this land more than doubles the land that can be used to raise other foods.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 9:53 AM
  • As far as Sam's first tirade against the stupidity of the American media and how they do anything for ratings, let's not forget that this is just a first in a long line of screw-up's. Remember the McCain campaign worker who was "attacked" by an unknown "black man" who was later proven to be a fabricator? O'Reilley, Hannity, Rush, and Laura Ingram had a field day with it. Don't saddle up every horse that you come across and pretend it's the first one ever ridden. How about "Balloon Boy"? Every expert that any news organization put on the air definitively said that the balloon was much too small to lift a 50 pound boy, but still the show continued. The media is dumb? Oh my god? What a revelation...

    It's also convenient to say that Fox News is only "conservative" part of the time. Then when they screw up, you can just blame it on the good old media. But when they get it right, you thank God that there is still a "semi-conservative" news outlet. Kick that dead horse Sam. Cry me a river...

    Our "Ditherer in Chief" is doing a fine job in Afghanistan. Troop levels there are the highest since the ousting of the Taliban, and much higher than any time since 2003 when we had to go after the "imminent" threat (Iraq). All of this whining and complaining by the "right" about how Obama is mishandling the wars and the economy is the same thing as breaking into your neighbor's house, throwing a huge party, leaving the mess, and calling the cops to complain about the mess when you wake up the next morning.

    Also, to give a rambling, incoherent tirade against liberals and tell the offender that all he has to do is get the "hate" out of his heart is preposterous. Your hatred for liberals is only exceeded by your oversimplification of the issues. As a liberal, I've been really busy putting razor blades in apples for Halloween next year, but I found time out of my busy, self loathing schedule to reply to your blog.

    Hell Sam, hearing how easy it is to solve all of our problems, I don't know why you aren't President. Three or four months in, all of our problems would be solved. The only thing stopping you is all of those darned liberals! That, and the democratic process that you would have to go through to be nominated. However, if you did go through with it, you would have us all at attention and your all knowing, all wise views would be apparent to all of us.

    You pretend to have all the answers. You pretend to be "above the fray" and unaffected by all of the "Beltway BS" and totally pure. You know who you sound like... dare I say it... You sound like Obama. Look at it this way, if you really want to make a difference, if you really want to make things better, you could be the first Nobel Peace Prize winner from Red Willow County. I'll be waiting...

    -- Posted by jeffhager on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 9:57 AM
  • By the way BooJumbo --

    At Camp Hale, two prototypes of an early armored personnel carrier - THE OTTER were delivered, supposedly for testing.

    The C.O. ordered photographs of those incredible machines "roaring through deep snow."

    Only problem --Those fully-engineered creations of Aberdeen professionals could not move their own weight at 11,000 feet.

    So we hooked six WWII era Studebaker WEASELS to each with L-O-N-G cables hidden behind a low ridge and pulled them across the snow slope for the cameras.

    Then, one was tilted up at the front and three privates got underneath and on signal threw handfuls and armfuls of snow up behind to make it appear the tracks were throwing snow.

    Why -- because after wasting more than $2-Million to build these underpowered things, the Army brass did not want the Russians -- or CONGRESS to know they weren't any good.

    Denying the Russians that information was my C.O.s explanation.

    What I remember most about the episode -- our motor pool Sgt. -- a product of CCC camps and WWII European combat -- climbed onto the flatbed truck delivering the first one, opened the engine compartment, looked it over, and declared "..this thing is worthless, there ain't enough power to move it up here and it won't be much better at sea level."

    An old-time mechanic with a fourth-grade education could look at it and know more than a whole platoon of Pentagon engineers.

    Since we had already been pulling Charlie Wilson's gutless "hydromatic-transmission GMC 'duece and a half' trucks" up Tennessee Pass with WWII White, Dodge and Reo 2 1/2 ton trucks -- We were slightly cynical about Pentagon ways.

    Something to consider, the French have a 75-person Procurement Division for all military services.

    Under their Napoleonic Law; Conviction of accepting bribes or any corruption in procurement is punishable by LIFE for everyone involved.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 10:14 AM
  • Are we still fighting WW2?

    -- Posted by Hugh Jassle on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 11:10 AM
  • *

    Jeff - don't get blinded by your own light. Many of the solutions to our problems are relatively simple once you get liberals out of the way. Once you get lawyers dogs out of the way. Once you get money grubbing power hungry politicians out of the way.

    I don't know what is so difficult about using our own frickin' oil and energy reserves. What is so complicated about that? What is so hard about building nuclear power plants? If France can do it, we should be able to.

    What is so complicated about respecting life and ending the abortion holocaust? (which is liberal inspired and driven by the way)

    You got to be a brainiac to respect life?

    What is so difficult about securing our borders? You have to be a Harvard man to realize that until our borders are secure, our nation is not safe and being run over?

    Nothing difficult about economic policy either. Get government off the back off business. How tough is that? Lower taxes, every time they do, the economy grows. How tough is that to figure out?

    Now what is difficult to figure out is what to do with the millions of young men and women poisoned by the hate of liberalism? What do we do to help the black family that Democrats have sabotaged for decades? What do you do about 33% unemployment for young black men, when all they have been taught is hate, and how it is all whitey's fault?

    C'mon Jeff. Tell us how to remove the liberal poison from this society.

    C'mon Jeff. Don't be a Guillermo.

    I don't hate liberals you goof! I hate liberalism, and Communism, and Marxism. How many times do you geniuses need to hear this before it sinks in? You want to be a liberal Jeff, BE ONE! But, I will call you on your inbred intellectualism when you do.

    Try and step it up a bit Jeff. Are you just copying off of Guillermos' notebook?

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 12:28 PM
  • Not a chance Sam. You know I'm better than that. Your fiery response let's tells me that you know it. You view liberals as a cancer that must be removed. Your opinions of your fellow Americans (or at least enough of them to earn the House, Senate, and Executive) are well known. Propaganda and conservative one-liners are your only weapons. Let's keep up the discussion, but don't pass me off as another "liberal wacko". We both know better.

    -- Posted by jeffhager on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 12:48 PM
  • *

    I disagree, I think truth and common sense are on my side as well. What about the points I made?

    -- Posted by sameldridge on Fri, Nov 27, 2009, at 3:19 PM
  • If you look at your original post, I had issues with two of the three items in your blog. I addressed your "media bias" outrage. I chose to ignore item #2 because I am on the fence about global warming too (but to cherry pick one study and claim that it totally invalidates global warming is not real smart). Then I gave you my opinion on how Obama is doing as Commander in Chief.

    What I received from you was a rant about how easy it is to build nuclear power plants, abortion, border security, and the evils of anything other than a conservative point of view.

    As far as I can see, you haven't presented a single indisputable fact in either one of your replies, just your normal conservative hoopla. What points are you referring to?

    -- Posted by jeffhager on Sat, Nov 28, 2009, at 11:00 AM
  • Hi Fredd

    So Fredd, a question, to disagree with what limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and others say don't you have to listen to them? If you don't listen to them isn't your opionion just wasted words?

    Even Hank offer up some support for his opionions like this


    A link to the note about Greenland seal hunters. Now if hank had kept reading about the seal hunters he would have found that some people think the shrinking ice shield will bring a benifit Greenland by exposing natural resourses to be mined drilled for and used for the people who live there. interesting paradox, global warming might help someone.

    Most people like discussion. Caustic comments generaly will get you invited to leave.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Sat, Nov 28, 2009, at 1:51 PM
  • From some recent article's I've read, I think that the Taliban, Al Queada, and bin laden are all operating from Pakistan now.

    Here's an article saying that we had Bin Laden in our sites in 2001 but didn't go to attack and instead watched him cross to Pakistan. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34189238/ns/world_news-south_and_central_asia

    I had heard from a co-worker that his friend or cousin was a few hundred yards from Bin Laden with him in his scope and was told not to take the show.

    I guess if we killed him off it would be harder to the link Al Queada to Iraq and convince America we need to invade and chase down invisible WMDs. So long for that 30 day war.

    -- Posted by npwinder on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 9:33 AM
  • I say OBL has been dead since 2001.


    -- Posted by Hugh Jassle on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 2:06 PM
  • boojum,

    I read that entire Greenland article and several others besides, long before that report was on the internet.

    The only point I was addressing is the repeated denials of man-caused global warming.

    The Russians have already started claiming most of the formerly solidly frozen Arctic Ocean for mineral exploration, so the exposure of potential mineral and petroleum deposits has been obvious for years.

    Of course, this is all moot -- since you and the other Neo-Cons are insisting man-caused global warming is all fiction and just a big liberal lie.

    Consider directly addressing these points:

    --- Under Bush/Cheney development of effective IED proof troop patrol and transport vehicles did not happen.

    --- One new version has had units rolling off Wisconsin assembly lines for several weeks, with a Cmmdr.-in-Chief who demands our people be as safe as possible in that combat zone.

    ---Under Bush/Cheney, you and I were paying for $2Billion to $3-Billion for an ineffective fence across the U.S./Mexican border.

    -- Under leadership of a President who LISTENS to people who know something, 'PREDATOR' flights along that border are resulting in a high percentage of illegal human and drug trafficking being stopped.

    -- Now we have to stop the "most favored" Trucks from Mexico being used for drug transport. Seems someone in the previous administration did not account for the Drug Runners threatening drivers' families to get compact multi-million-dollar shipments aboard those trucks.

    -- Or for the Trucking companies being owned by members of the drug cartels.

    -- Rather than Billions spent on a worthless fence, how about opening "truck lanes" at the border crossings, staffing and equipping inspectors and charging the companies for those inspections -- AND IMPOUNDING ANY TRUCK FOUND TO BE HAULING DRUGS.

    -- DOES ANYONE think that might solve that problem?

    -- There is a new report out that committing a relatively small force of Tenth Mountain Division, Rangers and Special Forces around Toro Boro instead of diverting forces to invade Iraq -- would have captured Bin Laden, wiped out Al Qaeda and shut down the Taliban.

    This is not new information. A lot of people have known for years. Somehow Bush/Cheney did not want the information widely available


    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 2:55 PM
  • So hank,

    Has the Obama administration done the following?:

    Developed IED proof patrol and transport vehicles.

    Developed an effective border fence

    Actually using Predator drones to stop drug & human trafficking.

    Stopped "most favored trucks" from bringing in illegal drugs.

    By the way OBL may have died before 10th Mountain along with the Rangers were deployed.

    -- Posted by Hugh Jassle on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 3:49 PM
  • http://defense-update.com/features/2009/march/matv_1_requirements.html

    Hi Hank

    this link provides a bit better time line for the process of RFP's and orders for a new military vehicle. take note of the date the rfp was issued, as it was about two months before President Obama "told the pentagon to have that contract ready to sign." and the orders for the vehicles were actually placed several months after that.

    The reality is that President Obama has no ability to change this process, and had no roll in the development of these vehicles. I also accept the Bush didn't have much to do with it either.

    The next few months should be revealing as more information comes to light about the apparant scientific fraud taking place about global warming.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 5:03 PM
  • Clinton

    white house intern development program, priceless

    sorry, simply couldn't resist. I feel soooo bad.

    good god this list will take forever to research.

    well apparently not so long


    now this is interesting, will have to drill down thru this to determine if the source article is true or not.

    Hank, how about it, got your sources on the line?

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 5:46 PM
  • to all


    now this is really interesting, this article says clintion had signed all these thing into law.

    can any one find where Bush then resinced these laws?

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 5:53 PM
  • We don't know if conventional warfare would stop terrorism. The last conventional war was WWII.

    None of the wars since then has be fought in the same way, which was to take and hold terrritory. Offensive efforts to kill the enemy and drive them back. World War II resulted in some truly horrible outcomes, Dresden, Hiroshima where civilian populations were slaughtered. The enemy wore uniforms and fought as armies.

    Now the allies are the only ones wearing uniforms, our enemy looks like every one else. I don't believe there is any way to win as we are doing it now, however the alternative would be like Dresden and Hiroshima.

    so the free world is in a hard place faced with extremists of all types who hate the freedoms we enjoy.

    We need to get out of Afganistan, Irag, South Korea and hope the people in those countries choose freedom and fight for it themselves.

    -- Posted by boojum666 on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 7:09 PM
  • boojum,

    One slight problem with getting out of Southwest Asia.

    The Pakistanis have a sizable nuclear arsenal, without the means to secure it.

    With the Taliban rebuilt in Afghan/Pak-istan, along with Al Qaeda and the hundreds of millions available to them -- How long would it take for those nice folks to have control of that nuclear arsenal?

    How many container ships would be pulling into terminal ports around the world, off-loading warheads?

    How long before some gearjammer, say Sam, picked up a container at any point in the U.S. and hauled it to a warehouse in downtown Denver, Chicago, Omaha, Minneapolis, KayCee, Dallas, Nashville, or ???? only to have it go BOOM when he drops the landing gear on that trailer?

    Just a cheery Yuletide thought for all those who think we can just cut and run as we did in Viet Nam.

    We did not like Uncle Ho Chi Mihn, even though he revered our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Washington, Jefferson, the entire Adams family, Ben Franklin and Lincoln -- But Uncle Ho and Charlie did not have nuclear weapons.

    Osama Bin Laden will have nuclear warheads mas pronto if we cut and run again.

    When our early forces in Afghanistan had Bin Laden trapped at Toro Boro -- He was of no concern in this regard.

    Now he is -- because he has had five full years to rebuild where the bomb is available.

    Merry Christmas, all.

    -- Posted by HerndonHank on Mon, Nov 30, 2009, at 2:40 PM
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