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The Chicago Boogie

Posted Sunday, October 4, 2009, at 1:59 AM

The Chicago Boogie has begun. After years of massive fraud, waste, payoffs, real estate schemes, backroom deals, union payoffs. liberalism run amok and general thuggery, Chicago was hoping to bury, and thereby forever hide, all the stink (evidence) with the Summer Olympics for 2016.

Yes indeed, the corrupt Democrat machine that has held Chicago in its clutches for years, was looking forward to billions and billions, and Obama cronies making millions and millions.

Was I pleased that President Obama was handed such a ugly defeat on this international stage? No, I was embarrassed. I am never happy when Mr. Obama makes a fool of himself or this country.

If we in America, know that the Democrat Chicago political machine is corrupt and foul, what makes anyone think that the Olympic committee doesn't know it?

Already the Chicago Boogie has begun.

The Chicago Sun Times, 10-03-09, byline - Abdon Pallasch, in an absolutely laughable example of State run, Obama controlled media, explained the stunning news this way: "President Obama could not undo in one year the resentment against America that President Bush and others built up for years."

Well, the way I look at it Mr. President, talk is cheap. I thought your mere presence as President of the Untied States was suppose to "Heal the Planet." That is what Michelle Obama told us before the election.

Illinois State Rep. Susana Mendoza (D-Chicago), truly an intellectually challenged robot in politics, offered this almost in tears, "I travel a lot...I thought we had really turned the corner with the election of President Obama." Need a tissue Ms. Mendoza?

US Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) knows how to do The Chicago Boogie. Ever ready and willing to blame Bush for everything, said she was approached by a consul general at the plaza as they waited for word on Friday. "...he was hearing that there wasn't enough time for Barack Obama to dispel the old image..."

Still more from lapdog AP sports reporter, John Leicester, seen in Yahoo News, 10-03-09, writes, (first, for your safety)




Here is this sports reporter's idea of Journalism. "Obama held out the enticing prospect of Chicago games helping to reconnect the United States with the world after the Presidency of George W. Bush."

This is a sports reporter? Ah, he's just doin' The Chicago Boogie baby!

I know there were many on the right who pointed out the hypocrisy in the President, his entourage, the First Lady, and her entourage, and of course, The Oprah, and her entourage, all taking big old fuel guzzling jets across the ocean, to secure money and benefits for his buddies in Chicago.

I personally did not care. The more the President spends his time on distractions, such as payoffs for Chicago buddies, the less time he spends dismantling the Republic of the United States.

One thing, I have to ask, since I see none of the so-called reporters out there in Media lapdogland asking, is this:

How does the President expect these Olympic leaders, from around the world, to select a city in the United States? Obama has been out there telling every foreigner that he could find, that the USA is a terrible country. He has blamed the average American for every evil in the world! He has apologized and bent over for every petty dictator that he could get to listen to him.

The America that Obama tells the world about is a racist, evil, greedy, bloodthirsty, arrogant, wasteful and imperialistic society. Why would the world want to come here?

Meanwhile, The Chicago Boogie goes on.

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Slamming the USA.You got that right my friend. And this guy works for us,"WE THE PEOPLE".

-- Posted by orville on Sun, Oct 4, 2009, at 8:57 AM

"I am never happy when Mr. Obama makes a fool of himself"

I stopped reading here. I'm not even going to rebut the rest of the post. This comment of yours makes whatever you say after it lose all validity.

How do you expect someone to read your past comments and then believe that?

Dog faced lie. This is ridiculous.

-- Posted by mccookreader on Mon, Oct 5, 2009, at 10:59 PM

"I stopped reading here."

Congratulations...you now have the qualifications to be a Liberal Senator and can pass any health care bill.

"Conservatives hate Obama more than they love America." -Jon Stewart.

So many replies to choose from here...since comedians help guide your political position, why choose only one?

"Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others." - Groucho Marx

"I get no respect. The way my luck is running, if I was a politician I would be honest." - Rodney Dangerfield

"In America, anyone can become president. That's the problem." - George Carlin

Congrats to you too, gi...you now have the qualifications to vote like a Liberal.

All these quotes (like yours) have two things in common. They were made by comediens...and they got a laugh.

-- Posted by Husker23 on Tue, Oct 6, 2009, at 9:54 AM

"A laugh was all I was going for"

At the risk of boosting your ego...that's all you ever get from me in any of your posts.

"you can go back to blindly hating anything that isn't exactly like you now"

Hello pot. I've been seeing you around the blog more and more lately. Hope things get better for you.

- Kettle

-- Posted by Husker23 on Tue, Oct 6, 2009, at 3:24 PM

good luck guillermo

-- Posted by S&DC on Wed, Oct 7, 2009, at 11:18 AM

Good article-keep up the god work.

-- Posted by Altamae 7 on Fri, Oct 9, 2009, at 1:01 PM

Sam, consider your words:

"How does the President expect these Olympic leaders, from around the world, to select a city in the United States? Obama has been out there telling every foreigner that he could find, that the USA is a terrible country. He has blamed the average American for every evil in the world! He has apologized and bent over for every petty dictator that he could get to listen to him."

President Obama was called upon at the last minute to attempt to save face for the Chicago Olympic Committee.

Rio had the 2016 Olympics bid wired before 2004.

Voting for others on all the issues before the Int'l. Olympics, hosting Olympic delegations from countries they were courting, lavishing all sorts of goodies (Simply buying votes.)and banking IOUs

year after year for the last quarter century.

Hard to believe, but the Chicago 2016 Olympics Committee were starry-eyed amateurs.

For one thing, all the U.S. laws making it illegal to bribe anyone for anything.

Oil companies must compete overseas with no hope of winning exploration rights -- or they set up subsidiaries overseas -- which can do just like Shell, BP and all the other foreign-based outfits -- and bribe government officials right and left.

Obama went to Copenhagen knowing Chicago had no chance -- But the trip gave him a chance to meet a number of leaders who had not seen a U.S. president in their lifetime -- and he had a needed talk with the U.S. Army's Afghanistan military commander.

General MAC had to hear the facts of life, until the many task forces come up with a balanced, carefully considered course of action in that region -- TOTALLY UNLIKE THE 2000-2009 BUSH YEARS, WHEN "SHOOT FROM THE HIP AND LIP" DECISION MAKING WAS THE NORM -- WITH THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER GETTING SHOT IN THE FOOT AND POSTERIOR" -- Field Commanders provide their best reccommendations to the President through channels.

After an intelligent course of action is decided upon, with all departments of government involved, and announced -- The field commander's voice will be of value before Congress.

The uber-conservatives have been blasting President Obama because he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. That Nobel award alone should be telling the carping critics that the rest of the world recognizes the importance of the immediate changes in U.S. policy.

IT IS NO MORE DUBYAH pushing his personal war of choice, while ignoring Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

No more the U.S. going it alone.

Right now, there are nearly three dozen nations contributing troops in Afghanistan. Most are token forces of a few men.

But they are there -- their nations are involved.

When it comes to economic and political improvements they will be truly helpful -- but they are already committed to share the load.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Tue, Oct 13, 2009, at 6:14 PM

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