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Go Broncos!

Posted Saturday, September 26, 2009, at 3:06 PM

I was naturally concerned when the Pat Bowlen, owner of the Broncos, fired Mike Shanahan after the end of last season. Then the well publicized problems with Jay Cutler, followed by the news that Denver would trade away a guy who threw for over four thousand yards, and has a cannon for an arm.

Then Brandon Marshall started acting up, and I wondered if Denver wasn't headed for a 3-13 type of season, if they were lucky.

Game one against the Bengals. We Denver fans actually got to see a Denver team play some defense. We haven't really seen a defense in Denver since the Orange Crush days.

Denver could have lost this game, and I still would have been encouraged. The Defense played well, and our offense was not making stupid turnovers, but, we got a lucky bounce of the ball, it happens, and we won.

Game two against the Browns, and Denver's D is there again. Elvis D got four sacks. Correll Buckhalter ran well, our QB played well.

Okay, okay, it was the two Ohio teams, and they aren't that good. Although, Cincy did go to Green Bay and beat the Packers. Two games does not a season make. Denver could still very well end up 3-13.

Sunday's game at Oakland should be fun. If the Broncos continue to play good Defense, and not make mistakes on offense, I really think they have a shot to be 3-0.

I listen occasionally to the NFL station on the satellite radio, and you'll have to listen long and hard to even know that Denver has a team, or Kansas City for that matter. The national sports media would rather have a root canal than talk about Denver or KC.

That's okay I guess. I would love it though, if Denver could surprise everybody, have a great year, and knock San Diego off it's little perch.

I know I am dreaming here. But that is the essence of being a fan, you can dream a new dream each season. So far, it has been fun to watch Denver. The new coach deserves some real credit.

After this week at Oakland, the Broncos begin a real hard stretch, Cowboys, Patriots, at San Diego on a Monday night, then at Baltimore.

After that stretch of games, we'll know, won't we?

Before the season started, I would not thought Denver could have won any of those games against the Cowboys, Patriots, Chargers or Ravens.

Am I optimistic to think Denver could win a couple of them?

We'll see.

As for the game tomorrow. Nothin' would surprise me. 6-3 Denver, 26-6 Denver, even 17-6 Oakland. That is what makes it fun to watch.

Enjoy your weekend.

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I'm glad you wrote this, Sam. It's tough enough to have to listen to political opinions all week without getting it on the weekends too.

I'm a HUGE Broncos fan, as you know. I'd LOVE to see them get to the playoffs this year. I thought for sure they would make it last year until they stepped in poop in their last 4 games.

I wish Cutler had stayed with the team, but if Orton can keep the ball out of the Raiders hands, we have a real chance to beat them. Denver's defense has been a joy to watch. Finally, it looks like they are playing as a team. I don't expect a year like they had when John Elway took them to thier first Super Bowl win, but it'll be fun to watch.

I'm just glad KC has an early game on Sunday, so I can see the Broncos play.

At the risk of repeating myself,


-- Posted by marcus elvis erogenous on Sat, Sep 26, 2009, at 3:33 PM

Something we'll always agree on Sam is the Broncos.

-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Sat, Sep 26, 2009, at 3:50 PM

Remember that amazing season in Denver when the Broncos first went to a Super Bowl? That was really something. Two things I can recall like it was yesterday. Bert Jones and the Colts were in Denver, both teams 9 wins and 1 loss. Late in the game, with the game tight, Jones and the Colts are marching down field, Jones drops back and throws down field, and out of nowhere, #57, Tom Jackson, jumps in front of the receiver, and rambles all the way for the winning TD. In the AFC Championship against the Raiders, Denver QB, Craig Morton had been hurt the whole week before the game. He had had blood drawn from his hip repeatedly, sometimes he could barely stand. During the game, Morton plants his leg to throw a pass to Haven Moses, and almost falls down, but the pass makes it for a touchdown. Craig Morton was a hell of a guy. Go Broncos.

-- Posted by RMontana on Sat, Sep 26, 2009, at 5:52 PM

Do I remember? Yeah, I remember. There was a play in the 3rd or 4th game, Denver at Oakland, when our kicker, the old guy, Jim Turner, on a fake field goal, caught a touchdown pass.

Brother, I remember that pass from Craig Morton to Haven Moses! The end zone camera caught it perfectly, looking right at Morton, he damn near fell down throwing that ball, and it got to Moses for the TD. Amazing we both remember that after all these years.

One more from that first Super Bowl year. During the AFC title game, John Madden got so frustrated that at one point he was on his hands and knees on the sideline, pounding the ground.

The whole town was orange crazy.

-- Posted by sameldridge on Sat, Sep 26, 2009, at 6:29 PM

Hey Sam, remember the SNOW BOWL.

Early October, 1984 or 85.

The ground crew had a clear field 30 minutes before game time, by the half sliding tackle or effective block resulted in a "snow plow pile" waist high.

Most times if people sat well up in the stands, t hey could only see the nearest side of the field. Those in endzone seats couldn't see past mid-field.

When the players came out of the pileups covered with snow, no one -- officials or other players included -- could tell who they were and much of the time, which uniform they were wearing.

There is no place like Mile High Stadium.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Sun, Sep 27, 2009, at 7:43 AM

By the way,

You know Madden has always claimed when he ate with the train crews down at their favorite cafe on the highway in McCook that:

When he was down on his knees in that title game, banging his closed fist down, he was actually shooting craps with the equipment manager.

There was a time when McCook knew John quite well, as he shuttled through between games, rather than fly.

That's before he became the nation's premiere bus passenger.

-- Posted by HerndonHank on Sun, Sep 27, 2009, at 7:48 AM


Do you remember not being able to find a bottle of Orange Crush for 100 miles that first Super Bowl year??

-- Posted by marcus elvis erogenous on Sun, Sep 27, 2009, at 10:51 PM

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