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Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017

Of Safe Spaces

Posted Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at 9:04 AM

I hate to tell you this but for almost a month I have trolled you and you have taken it hook, line, and sinker. You have been so overly sensitive about Trump's win loss that the mere mention of anything critical sent you in a froth.

You got so upset you screamed that I did not respect your rights to voice your opinions. I am not entirely sure how you came to that conclusion as I have always believed and stated right here on this blog that you are absolutely believe the way you want and to say what you want. I just wanted you to understand that if I disagreed with you I would voice my dissent.

Not satisfied with that you immediately took the Donald Trump train and began insulting me and questioning my mental status.

In a word, you became, predictable.

The amazing thing is that after all of this. After the last eight years, you are still absolutely willing to lie and believe any lie about President Obama but you absolutely bristle over facts about Trump.

He did mock a disabled reporter, yet you have no issue not only defending Trump for his actions you follow his lead and straight face lie about what Trump actually did, despite it being recording and published all over the internet. You know what he did but you will happily jettison your own morals in order to defend him.

Yes, I am calling you out, and yes I know that it will make no difference. For every argument against Trump you will, for at least the next four years, bring up some lie about Obama and/or Clinton because that is your only defense.

You mock me and claim that I need a safe room right in the middle of shouting about the latest outrage of someone speaking out against Trump. Safe spaces, indeed.

You decry me about building fences with words against Trump, right after condemning an entire religion for the actions of a small minority and absolutely trashing the outgoing president. It would seem to me if you are building your own fences of words, calling someone else out for the same is a (how did one poster put it?) true disconnect of reality.

You mock me and then amazingly tell me that Trump is "your president". Those are your quotes around your president. I know where you were headed with the statement attempting to say that Trump is my president just as Obama was your president. However, the use of the quotes in your context actually are telling the reader that you do not believe that Trump is "your president". Having said that Trump is my president, just as Obama is your president. I am not going to stand around for the next four years as you did for the last eight claiming that a president is not my president. That is childish and I do not agree with anyone on my side saying that. Whether we like it or not, the Electoral College elected Trump as our president. I will fight and voice my concerns for the next four years so you might as well buckle up.

Even though the evidence is strong that the Russians hacked our democracy in the last year (they hacked both the Democratic and Republican committees but only leaked the Democratic committee information among other things) you someone manage to believe that I am accusing you of being influenced personally by the Russians to voting for Trump. That is just silly but you want to believe that so you will.

It is amazing after all of this you are still more concerned with defending Russia than the fact that the Donald is already going back on his many promises.

I know that the comments will once again focus on mocking me for your own behavior, defending Russia, and answering challenges with Obama/Clinton.

Oh well.

Dasvidania, comrades.

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Oh boy. Dad you really had better get your kid back on his meds and his therapy. He is mocked by the students when he is lucky enough to get called to sub, he is scorned by his ex who finally had enough of his narcissism, and worst of all he is now living in a reality that is not conducive to a good ending. His dreams of being a big shot political commentator have been ruined by his sophomoric writing skills. His dreams of being a big shot liberal professor have been ruined by his sloth and appearance. His only pleasure in life now is to "troll" conservatives in the Gazette Blogosphere and that won't get much chemical imbalance corrected in what little brain matter is left from the pickling. Here is a man crying out for help...... the paranoia is real in his writing.......the delusion, that fighting with his 5 or 6 loyal detractors who actually read his drivel, is on a national political discussion scale is laughable. His mental state is not good family and friends.....just saying.

-- Posted by divorcedugly on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 10:06 AM

ROTFLMFAO, Michael! At you! Thanks for the Tuesday chuckle!! Maybe you need a puppy?

-- Posted by allstar69 on Tue, Jan 10, 2017, at 11:38 AM

After all this talk and hand wringing over the hack of the DNC emails, I note a couple of things.

(1) The DNC has not denied the leaked emails are real.

(2) No hacking of actual voting machines, or voting tabulations occurred.

In other words, the election was not hacked by anyone. We just got a glimpse into how the Democratic National Committee treated Bernie Sanders, how Hillary was fed the questions in advance, how the insiders at DNC really feel about the American electorate, and which of the media was helping her election efforts. Not so inspiring, for sure.

With 95% of the media behind her, most of the Deep State behind her, and spending double what Trump spent, she still managed to lose.

Viva America!

Now Democrats, please accept the outcome of the election, like you wanted the rest of us to, when you thought Hillary had it in the bag. Trump is everyone's president. He is easily as American as Barak.

-- Posted by JohnGalt1968 on Fri, Jan 13, 2017, at 11:11 PM


-- Posted by allstar69 on Sat, Jan 14, 2017, at 10:21 AM

Something occurred to me yesterday, in reflecting on the vitriol aimed at Trump by the Hollywood folks.

The Hollywood people get paid huge amounts and are famous, but why? Because they are experts at fooling us into thinking they are someone other than who they are; actors and actresses, in other words.

How different is that from politicians? They run as one thing and nearly always, they govern as something entirely different. A large part of this, I believe, is we as voters are not accepting of the truth--we don't want to hear it.

Since our federal government spends about 25% more than its tax revenues, we need to cut spending on everything about 25%. But we won't vote for anyone who wants to cut social security, defense, welfare, agriculture, education, and the rest by 25%.

We can't handle the truth. We want to believe in Peter Pan, the Easter Bunny and Free Lunch.

-- Posted by JohnGalt1968 on Sun, Jan 15, 2017, at 2:00 PM

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