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Fit Flops

Posted Monday, July 14, 2008, at 5:18 PM

While waiting for the local news to start last Friday night, I turned the channel to ABC and 20/20 was on. I don't normally care for these programs, however, the very tail end of the segment were about a new sandal; a flip flop that claims to tone calves and glut muscles in the bottom. I hurriedly did an internet search of the controversial Fit Flop sandal, while listening to the segment. It seems that the middle of the sandal is relatively soft compared to the other parts of the sole, with the intent that your foot and leg muscles will have to work harder to "stay put" on the sole of the sandal. The company has done two studies to support their claims, with a total of 14 participants.

ABC did a study of their own, with two female participants and one male. Of the three participants, one female did not think the Fit Flop had enough arch room for her foot, causing the shoe to need cut and blisters to occur on her foot, while the other female loved the sandal, but did not think they were giving her a workout, as the company claims. The male participant, an avid sandal wearer, had a physician examine the shoe, as well as a physical trainer watch him walk on a treadmill wearing regular flip flops, tennis shoes and the Fit Flops. The trainer did not see his calves working; although the company claims to only notice the muscles working if hooked up to electrodes. One observation the trainer did make was that his foot was turning in more while waking in the Fit Flops than his regular sandal; a situation that could cause future leg pain, shin splints, or knee pain.

Needless to say, over half a million Fit Flops have been sold, at nearly $50 a piece. I too liked the idea of this "miracle sandal", but after watching this investigation I'm leaning towards "too good to be true". According to ABC's 20/20, your money can be better spent, and your time better spent on eating smart and exercising; with or without the Fit Flop. I tend to agree.

Any readers have a pair of Fit Flops or see the segment? What are your thoughts?

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I think that everyone likes the idea of an easy way to get exercise. I admit, even I entertain the possibility of getting the ideal body shape without too much effort. The truth is, it isn't that easy. You have to get out and do the work. These companys make their money from people who are looking for the simple answer. Instead they should be promoting healthy living and not creating scams. Kudos to ABC for calling Fit Flops on their "miracle sandal" It should be called "miracle scandle" for false advertisement.

-- Posted by Kbaker on Mon, Jul 14, 2008, at 5:41 PM

So so true! Thanks for the comment!

-- Posted by smashek on Mon, Jul 14, 2008, at 5:49 PM

Many shoes, at high prices, claim to do miricles for the body, or something. Usually, once a person wishes to envoke the 'lifetime' guarantee, the company is no longer findable. Want to tone your ab's and calves? Walk twice as fast, twice as far, and raise your knees, on each step, to a point horizontal to your hip joint. You will walk funny, but it will work. Another aid is to strap on ankle weights, one or two pounds each.

Oh well, just a suggestion. Worked for me, in my younger years. You'll enjoy great savings on gas, also.

In Christ, Shalom to all. Arley Steinhour

-- Posted by Navyblue on Mon, Jul 14, 2008, at 5:54 PM

My daughter has a pair of "Fit Flops" from VS and they are comfortable. It is probably all hype but they are comfy. Not sure if they are worth it but they are well made and if you like a little higher heel they are great.

-- Posted by Steph on Thu, Jul 17, 2008, at 10:42 AM

I've got a pair of shoes that have similar claims called an earth shoe that have a negative heel. The claims include helping with plantar facitis (including heel spurs), lower back pain, better posture and to exercise calves and hams. I do think they help all of the above problems that I have. I'm not sure of the ham muscles but the calves do get a workout if you hop on the treadmill or go walking outside. They aren't for running in, they don't have much heel padding and aren't a good idea if you work on your feet on concrete all day. I like putting them on after work when I'm walking around the house so they'll stretch out the tendons in the bottom of my feet and reduce some of the early morning foot pain. Of course not everybody has the same feet, we aren't cut from the same mold. Something I think everybody should do daily is stretching. I feel so much better when I stretch daily than I do when I skip a day or two.

Keep up the good work. I like your style!

-- Posted by amystrauch on Fri, Jul 18, 2008, at 7:57 PM

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